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Geography and history of AFC #3, Boring's replat

Map of Boring's replat

AFC #3, Boring's replat

History of AFC #3, Boring's replat

History of AFC #3, Boring's replat

Zone Atlas: N11
MRGCD Map 46

AFC refers to the Albuquerque Finance Corporation. The pieces of land named in this re-plat are lots 1-9, tracts 127-128. It is likely that the location of this re-plat is now the present location of the Aubol’s Acres addition. Mr. and Mrs. Boring are recorded in the deed book selling the portions of the Boring re-plat to Mr. and Mrs. Aubol. It is almost in the center of the AFC #3 subdivision, and sits between tracts 126 and 129. It consists of 9 lots on Barcelona Road between Yuma Road and the Isleta Interior Drain.


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