New Mexico Authors

Mystery Series by New Mexico Authors

Amanda Allen​

Rudolfo Anaya

  • Series about private eye Sonny Baca, set in Albuquerque.

Tessa Arlen

  • Lady Monfort and Edith Jackson series.
  • Poppy Redfern, a Woman of WW II series.

Sandi Ault

  • Series about BLM agent Jamaica Wild, set around northern New Mexico.

Max Austin (pen name of Steve Brewer)

S.H. Baker

Joseph Badal

Christine Barber

Donnell Ann Bell

  • Cold Case suspense series, set in Denver.

Amy M. Bennett

  • Black Horse Campground mystery series.

Karin Berne (pen name of writing team Sue Bernell and Michaela Karni)

  • Ellie Gordon series, set in California and Santa Fe.

Sandra Bolton

  • Emily Etcitty series, set around the Four Corners area.

Kari Bovee

  • Annie Oakley series.
  • Grace Michelle series set in the 1920s entertainment industry.

Mary Branham

Steve Brewer

  • Drew Gavin series, a sports columnist in Albuquerque.
  • Bubba Mabry series, an Albuquerque private investigator.

Amanda Carmack (pen name of Santa Fe author Amanda McCabe)

  • Elizabethan Mystery series.

R. Allen Chappell

  • Navajo Nation series following sleuths Charlie Yazzi and Thomas Begay.

Pamela Christie

Ted Clifton - mysteries set in New Mexico and Colorado

  • Muckraker series
  • Pacheco & Chino series
  • Vincent Malone series

G.G. Collins

  • Series about mystery book editor Taylor Browning, set in Santa Fe.
  • "Paranormal Mystery" series about Santa Fe reporter Rachel Blackstone.

Charly Cox

  • Series about Albuquerque detective Alyssa Wyatt.

Frances Crane

Cecil Dawkins

  • Series about Ginevra Prettifield, a museum director in Santa Fe.

Charlene Bell Dietz

  • Flapper mystery series

Stephen R. Donaldson (writing as Reed Stephens)

  • "Man Who..." series about private investigator Mick Axbrewder.

James D. Doss

Alice Duncan (also writes as Anne Robins)

Marty Eberhardt

  • Bea River series

Susan Ford

  • First Daughter series

Pat Frieder

  • Series about Santa Fe lawyer Matty Donahue.

Drew Golden

  • Wynn Cabot mystery series.

Chuck Greaves

  • Jack MacTaggart mystery series.

J.L. Greger

  • Sara Almquist series.

Martha Grimes

Geoff Habiger

  • Co-author of the Saul Imbierowicz paranormal mystery series, set during the time of Al Capone.

Micah Hackler

Sue Hallgarth

H.P. Hanson

Fred R. Harris

  • Okie Dunn series, set in Oklahoma during the Great Depression.

Holly Harrison

  • Series about Santa Fe detective Pascal Ruiz.

Steven F. Havill

  • Undersheriff (later Sheriff) Bill Gastner of "Posadas County, New Mexico".
  • Dr. Thomas Parks series, set in 1908 Washington State.

Bailey Herrington

  • Series about college student David Elliott, set in southern New Mexico.

Gloria Dial Hightower

  • Albuquerque Murder Mystery series, featuring Shadow Mountain Country Club members Tim and Ginger Howell.

Anne Hillerman

Tony Hillerman

Lynne Hinton

J.P. Hudson

Bett Reece Johnson

Darynda Jones

  • New York TImes bestselling series about paranormal detective Charley Davidson.
  • Series about Sunshine Vicram, sheriff of the village of "Del Sol, New Mexico".

Robert D. Kidera

Robert Kresge

Mark Edward Langley

  • Arthur Nakai series

Barbara J. Langner

  • "The Detectives Who Loved..." series, set in Albuquerque.

Sarah Lovett

  • Series about New Mexico forensic psychologist Dr. Sylvia Strange.

Susan McDuffie

  • Muirteach MacPhee series, set in 14th century Scotland.

Michael McGarrity

Gary McKee

  • Bob McGregor series set in Tennessee.

Augustine Meijer

  • Brick North series, set around Lake Michigan in the 1950s.

Jonathan C. Miller

David Morrell

Ann Myers

Kris Neri

  • Samantha Brennan and Annabelle Haggerty Magical Mystery series.
  • Tracy Eaton series.

Albert Noyer

  • Fr. Jake series, about a Michigan priest who moves to a small New Mexico parish.
  • Getorius & Arcadia series, set in the Mediterranean of the 5th century.

Mary Oertel-Kirschner

  • Blance Harriman series, set in Santa Fe.

B.J. Oliphant (pen name of Sherri Tepper)

A.J. Orde (pen name of Sherri Tepper)

J. Michael Orenduff

  • The "Pot Thief" series, about New Mexico pottery dealer Hubert "Hubie" Schuze.

Rose Ortega-Garcia

Jake Page

Paula G. Paul

  • Series about Santa Fe consignment shop owner Irene Seligman.
  • Historical mystery series about country doctor Alexandra Gladstone.

Annmarie H. Pearson

  • Series about Albuquerque antiques broker Jack Parade

Carol Potenza

  • Series about Bernalillo-based Police Sergeant Nicky Matthews
  • De-Extinct Zoo mystery series

Douglas Preston

Rosalie Rayburn

  • Series about investigative reporter Digger Doyle, set in "Las Vistas New Mexico".

Peter Riva

  • Mbuno & Pero Safari Thriller series.

John Maddox Roberts

  • Series about Gabe Treloar, a California cop transplanted to Ohio.
  • SPQR series, set in the Roman Republic.

David Myles Robinson

  • Series featuring Honolulu criminal defense attorney Pancho McMartin.

Carolyn J. Rose

  • Series about Albuquerque TV news editor Casey Brandt.

Marcia G. Rosen

  • Dying To Be Beautiful mystery series
  • Senior Sleuth series

Penny Rudolph

John Sandford (pen name of Santa Fe author John Camp)

  • Kidd and LuEllen series
  • Prey series
  • Virgil Flowers series

Lisa Sandlin

Walter Satterthwait

Aileen Schumacher

  • Series about the sleuthing team of engineer Tory Travers and cop David Alvarez.

Connie Shelton

Susan Slater

  • Series about Native American psychologist Ben Pecos.
  • Series about Southern New Mexico insurance investigator Dan Mahoney.

Christina Squire

  • Caroline Steele series, set at the University of New Mexico.

Reed Stephens (pen name of Stephen R. Donaldson)

  • "Man Who..." series about private investigator Mick Axbrewder.

Richard Martin Stern

  • Series about Apache/Chicano police lieutenant Johnny Ortiz, set around Santa Fe.

J. Mark Sublette

Virginia Swift

Pari Noskin Taichert

Aimee & David Thurlo

Don Travis

  • Series about Albuquerque police detective BJ Vinson.

Richard C. Trice

  • Trent Carter series, Western mysteries set around Raton and incorporating local history.

Marie Privette Ulmer

Ross Van Dusen

  • Scott Moss detective series.

Judith Van Gieson

David P. Wagner

  • Series about transplanted New Mexican, translator Rick Montoya, set in Italy.

Robert Westbrook

  • Series about Lakota Sioux sleuth Howard Moon Deer.
  • Series about Beverly Hills police lieutenant Nicky Rachmaninoff, the "Left-Handed Policeman".
  • Torch Singer series, set in 1950s Hollywood.

Donald Willerton

  • Mogi Franklin series, Southwest-based mysteries for middle-grade boys and girls.

James C. Wilson

  • Series about Santa Fe Detective Fernando Lopez.

Linda Wilson

  • Abi Wunder mystery series for children, set in Virginia.

Patrica Smith Wood

Stuart Woods

  • Series about Georgia Senator Will Lee.
  • Series about New York cop-turned-investigator Stone Barrington.
  • Series about Florida Chief of Police Holly Barker.
  • Spinoff from the Stone Barrington series, about character Teddy Fay.
  • Series about Santa Fe defense lawyer Ed Eagle.