New Mexico - Arizona Book Awards

Best Anthology (individual or collection)

Best Anthology (individual or collection)

Live Poets' Society Vol III -  Robert Rhodes (2007)

Peace Beyond All Fear: A Tribute to John Denver's Vision - Hank Bruce (2008)

Senator Pete Domenici's Legacy: the proceedings from the 2008 Pete V. Domenici Public Policy Conference - Jon Hunner (2009)

The Essays - Rudolfo Anaya (2010)

Rio Arriba: a New Mexico County - Robert Torrez & Robert Trapp (2011)

Out of the Shadows - Martha Shipman Andrews (2012)

Turning Points in Women's Lives - Shirley Patterson & Susan Cho (2012)

La Llorona - Deborah Coy (2013)

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in the Rio Abajo - Richard Melzer and John Taylor (2013)

Best Anthropology / Archaeology book

Best Anthropology / Archaeology Book

Chaco Astronomy: an ancient American cosmology - Anna Sofaer and contributors to The Solstice Project (2008)

The Great Basin: people and place in ancient times - Catherine Fowler and Dan Fowler (2009)

A History of the Ancient Southwest - Stephen Lekson (2010)

Geology of Northern New Mexico's Parks - L. Greer Price (2010)

Mimbres Lives and Landscapes - Margaret Nelson & Michelle Hegmon (2011)

Imprisoned Art - Joyce Szabo (2012)

Hisat'sinom - Christian Downum (2013)

An Archaeology of Doings - Severin Fowles (2013)

Best Arts book (includes Art, Music, or Photography)

Best Arts Book (includes Art, Music, or Photography)

Lasting Light: 125 years of Grand Canyon photography - Stephen Trimble (2007)

Southwestern Indian Jewelry - Dexter Cirillo (2008)

Talking with the Clay: the art of Pueblo pottery - Stephen Trimble (2008)

Visions Underground: Carlsbad Caverns through the artist's eye - Lois Manno (2009)

The Santa Fe House: historic residences, enchanting adobes, and romantic revivals - Margaret Moore Booker (2010)

The World Comes to Albuquerque: celebrating 40 years of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta  - Kim Vesely, Dick Brown, Tom McConnell, Paul Rhetts (2011)

In the Places of the Spirits - David Grant Noble (2012)

Illuminations - Steven Edwin Counsell (2012)

Art of the National Parks - Jean Stern, S. McGarry, and T. Dunn (2013)

Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico Portrait - Craig Varjabedian (2013)

Best Biography (includes Memoirs and Autobiographies)

Best Biographies (includes Memoirs and Autobiographies)

Hold My Hand - Glenys Carl (2007)

Into the Devil's Den : how an FBI informant got inside the Aryan Nations and a special agent got him out alive - Dave Hall & Tim Burkey (2008)

Me and the Biospheres - John Allen (2009)

Pulitzer : a life in politics, print, and power - James McGrath Morris (2010)

Kit Carson: the life of an American border man - David Remley (2011)

Sweetgrass Mornings - Slim Randles (2011)

Open Range: the life of Agnes Morley Cleaveland - Darlis Miller (2011)

Deep Trails in the Old West: a frontier memoir - Frank Clifford (2012)

At Home on the Slopes of Mountains: the story of Peggy Pond Church - Sharon Snyder (2012)

Ernest L. Blumenschein - Robert Larson and Carole Larson (2013)

Mystic Chemist - Robert Larson and Carole Larson (2013)

Best Book on the Southwest

Best Book on the Southwest

Best Business book (includes Career)

Best Business Book (includes Career)

Web Marketing for Dummies - Jan Zimmerman (2007)

The Keyword Tutorial eBook - Hope Kiah (2008)

Business Revolution through Ancestral Wisdom - Tu Moonwalker & JoAnne O'Brien-Levin (2009)

There's No Crying in Business: how to succeed in male-dominated industries - Roxanne Rivera (2010)

Doing the Right Thing and Achieving All Your Goals at the Same Time - Marianne Powers (2011)

Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism - Dennis Marker (2012)

Beans of Wisdom - Joe Swinger (2013)

Best Children's Picture / Activity book, Bilingual

Best Children's Picture / Activity Book, Bilingual

How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico - Rudolfo Anaya (2013)

Best Children's Activity book (workbook / craft book / coloring book)

Best Children's Activity Book (workbook, craft book, coloring book)

New Mexico A to Z - Jill Lane (2008)

READiscover New Mexico: a tri-lingual adventure in literacy - Kathy Barco (2008)

Santos: a coloring book - Marie Romero Cash (2009)

Dinosaur Learning Activity Book - Geoff Habiger (2010)

Stasha Dog's Secret Dream - Hank Bruce and Tomi Jill Folk (2011)

Travelin' Jack - Jill Lane (2011)

OsoBear's Christmas in New Mexico - Jill Lane (2012)

Arizona Color Me Wacky! - Conrad Storad and Lynda Exley (2013)

Best Children's Picture book

Best Children's Picture Book

Playing Loteria - Rene Colato Lainez, illustrated by Jill Arena (2007)

Red Truck - Kersten Hamilton, illustrated by Valeria Petrone (2008)

Yellow Moon, Apple Moon -  Pamela Porter, illustrated by Matt James (2009)

Bad news for outlaws : the remarkable life of Bass Reeves, deputy U.S. marshall - Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, illustrated by R. Gregory Christie (2010)

The Tale of the Pronghorned Cantaloupe - Sabra Brown Seinsiek, translation [into Spanish] and illustrations by Noel Chilton (2010)

Tia's Tamales - Ana Baca, translation and illustrations by Noel Chilton (2011)

La Llorona: The Crying Woman - Rudolfo Anaya; illustrations by Amy Córdova, translation by Enrique R. Lamadrid  (2012)

The Moon Saw it All - Nancy Young (2013)

Best Cookbook

Best Cookbook

Seasonal Southwest Cooking: contemporary recipes & menus for every occasion - Barbara Pool Fenzl (2007)

Cuisines of the Southwest - Dave DeWitt (2008)

Red or Green: New Mexico cuisine - Clyde Casey (2008)

Santa Fe Flavors: best restaurants and recipes - Anne Hillerman (2009)

New Mexico Cuisine - Clyde Casey (2010)

The Southwest Table: traditional cuisine from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona - Dave DeWitt (2011)

1,001 Best Hot and Spicy Recipes : delicious, easy-to-make recipes from around the globe - Dave DeWitt (2011)

Tasting New Mexico: recipes celebrating one hundred years of distinctive home cooking - Cheryl & Bill Jamison (2012)

Best Crafts / Hobby / How-to

Best Crafts / Hobby / How-to

Adobe Houses for Today: flexible plans for your adobe home - Laura Sanchez and Alex Sanchez (2009)

Feng shui quick guide : secrets for attracting wealth, harmony, and love -- for home and office - Carol Olmstead (2010)

My Memoir Workbook - Marcia Rosen (2012)

An Introduction to Hunting Arizona's Small Game - Randall Babb (2013)

Best First book (first book published by author)

Best First Book (first book published by author)

Hold My Hand - Glenys Carl (2007)

Our Favorite Recipes: tried and true recipes from the first four years of Albuquerque The Magazine - Albuquerque The Magazine (2008)

The Road from La Cueva - Sheila Ortego (2008)

Rosetta Stones - Catherine Parra Dix (2009)

Dance of the Eggshells = Baile de cascarones - Carla Aragón, illustrations by Kathy Dee Saville, Spanish translation by Socorro Aragón and George Gonzales (2010)

Gila Country Legend: the life & times of Quentin Hulse - Nancy Coggeshall (2010)

Trail Writer's Guide - Cinny Green & Maureen Burdock (2010)

Becoming a Part of My History: through images and stories of my ancestors - Andres Armijo (2011)

Light, Landscape, and the Creative Quest: early artists of Santa Fe ; with, Walking in the path of the artists : a guide booklet to the artists' homes - Stacia Lewandowski (2012)

Guardian Angel - William Sine (2013)

Best Fiction book, Adventure / Drama

Best Fiction Book, Adventure / Drama

Apache Casino - G.N. Buffington (2007)

Avenging Victorio: a novel of the Apache insurgency in New Mexico, 1881 - Dave DeWitt (2008)

To Honor the Dead - Joseph Shaw (2009)

The Ghost of Milagro Creek - Melanie Sumner (2010)

Randy Lopez Goes Home - Rudolfo Anaya (2011)

Pie Town - Lynne Hinton (2011)

Welcome Back to Pie Town - Lynne Hinton (2012)

Seal Team 666 - Weston Ochse (2013)

Best Fiction book, Historical

Best Fiction Book, Historical

Mama Fela's Girls - Ana Baca (2007)

Arizona War - Melody Groves (2008)

Bell County Bushwhackers - Dave Bushmire (2008)

My Eyes Have A Cold Nose - Elizabeth Fackler (2009)

The Sixth Surrender - Hana Samek Norton (2010)

Sonora Wind Twilight - Florence Byham Weinberg (2010)

The Faerie Hills - Susan McDuffie (2011)

True Brit: Beatrice, 1940 - Rosemary Zibart, illustrated by George Lawrence (2012)

Return of the Bones - Belinda Vasquez Garcia (2013)

Best Fiction book, Mystery / Suspense

Best Fiction Book, Mystery / Suspense

Quarry - Susan Cummins Miller (2007)

Turquoise Girl - Aimee & David Thurlo (2008)

Struck - Keith Pyeatt (2009)

The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras - J. Michael Orenduff (2010)

The Bone Fire - Christine Barber (2011)

The American Cafe - Sara Sue Hoklotubbe (2012)

Fallen Angels - Alice Duncan (2012)

The Lone Wolf Agenda - Joseph Badal (2013)

Best Fiction book, Romance

Best Fiction Book, Romance

Cory's Feast - Sallie Bingham (2007)

Annie's Song - Sabra Brown Steinsiek (2008)

Rosemary's Glove - Shirley Raye Redmond (2009)

Timing is Everything - Sabra Brown Steinsiek (2010)

Darynda Jones - First Grave on the Right (2011)

Uncommon Bond - C.L. Gillmore (2012)

The Old Man's Love Story - Rudolfo Anaya (2013)

Best Fiction book, Other

Best Fiction Book, Other

Rahab's Redemption - Cynthia Davis (2007)

The Pageant Unveiled: called to serve her God, tempted to follow her passion - Lucretia Tippit (2008)

Three Dog Night - Cheryl & Jerry Montoya (2009)

La Ranfla & other New Mexico Stories - Martha Egan (2010)

The Dissemblers - Liza Campbell (2011)

An Apricot Year - Martha Egan (2012)

When the Devil Doesn't Show - Christine Barber (2013)

Best Fiction book, Science Fiction / Fantasy

Best Fiction Book, Science Fiction / Fantasy

Stonehenge Gate - Jack Williamson (2007)

The MoonQuest: a true fantasy - Mark David Gerson (2008)

Worlds Asunder - Kirt Hickman (2009)

Venus Rain - Kirt Hickman (2010)

Daily Flash 2011: 365 days of flash fiction - edited by Jessy Marie Roberts (2011)

Magical Alienation - Kris Neri (2012)

On Stranger Winds - Robert Aaron Wiley (2013)

Best Gardening book

Best Gardening Book

Waterwise Garden Care: your practical guide - Cindy Bellinger (2007)

Ma Frump's Guide to Plastic Gardening - Marcia Muth (2008)

Windowsill Whimsy: gardening and horticultural therapy projects for small spaces - Hank Bruce & Tomi Jill Folk (2009)

The complete chile pepper book : a gardener's guide to choosing, growing, preserving, and cooking - Dave DeWitt (2010)

Gardens of Santa Fe - Anne Hillerman, photographs by Don Strel (2011)

Dave Dewitt's Chile Trivia : weird, wacky factoids for curious chileheads - Dave DeWitt & Lois Manno (2012)

A Place All Our Own - Mary Irish (2013)

Best Gay / Lesbian (GLBT) book

Best Gay / Lesbian (LGBT) Book

Land Beyond Maps - Maida Tilchen (2009)

My Invented Life - Lauren Bjorkman (2010)

Walking Fish: a novel - Joanne Bodin (2011)

Lucky Shot - Sarah Leamy (2012)

Licking the Spoon - Candace Walsh (2013)

Best Health book (includes Wellness, Nutrition, Beauty)

Best Health Book (includes Wellness, Nutrition, Beauty)

Yoga for Woman at Midlife & Beyond - Pat Shapiro (2007)

Working Like Dogs: the Service Dog Guidebook - Marcie Davis & Melissa Bunnell (2008)

The Last Gifts: creative ways to be with the dying - Jillian Brasch (2009)

Vital Yoga: A Sourcebook for Students & Teachers - Meta Chaya Hirschl (2010)

Beyond Fingersticks - William Dubois (2011)

The Advanced Mediterranean Diet - Steve Parker (2012)

Breaking Eggs - Lucia Amsden (2013)

Best History book, New Mexico subject

Best History Book, New Mexico Subject

The peopling of Bandelier : new insights from the archaeology of the Pajarito Plateau - Robert B. Powers (2007)

A peculiar alchemy : a centennial history of the School of American Research, 1907-2007 - Nancy Owen Lewis and Kay Leigh Hagan (2008)

The whole damned world : World War II correspondence of New Mexico Aggies Dean Daniel B. Jett - Martha Andrews and Richard Melzer (2009)

The Indians of Arizona & New Mexico - Don James & Karyth Becenti (2010)

Out of this World: New Mexico and Space Travel - Loretta Hall (2011)

New Mexico: A Celebration of the Land of Enchantment - Richard Melzer (2012)

Gold-mining boomtown: people of White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory - Roberta Key Haldane (2012)>

An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 1550-1941 - Peter Eidenbach (2013)

Dragoons in Apacheland - William Kiser (2013)

Best History book, Southwest / other

Best History Book, Southwest / Other

Riding for the brand : 150 years of Cowden Ranching : being an account of the adventures and growth in Texas and New Mexico of the Cowden Land & Cattle Company - Michael Pettit (2007)

Wild Horses of the West - J. Edward Steiguer (2012)

I Fought a Good Fight - Sherry Robinson (2013)

A Killer is what They Need - David Grasse (2013)

Best Juvenile book (grade school to junior high school)

Best Juvenile Book (grade school to junior high school)

From Slave to Superstar of the Wild West - Tom DeMund (2008)

Portraits of Jewish American Heroes - Malka Drucker, illustrated by Elizabeth Rosen (2009)

Notes from the Dog - Gary Paulsen (2009)

The Knight in the Shadows - Chris Eboch (2010)

Tortilla Sun - Jennifer Cervantes (2011)

What's for Dinner? : quirky, squirmy poems from the animal world - Katherine Hauth, illustrated by David Clark  (2011)

Triassic Hall: Building the Triassic Exhibit - Jaenet Guggenheim & Spencer G. Lucas (2012)

May B. : a novel-in-verse - Caroline Starr Rose (2012)

Cowboy Up! - Nancy Bo Flood (2013)

Children of Time: evolution and the human story - Anne Weaver (2013)

Best Multi-Cultural Subject book (Hispanic, Native American, etc.)

Best Multi-Cultural Subject Book (Hispanic, Native American, etc.)

Memories of Cibola - Abe M. Peña ; foreword by Marc Simmons (2007)

Aqui Se Comienza: a genealogical history of the founding families of La Villa de San Felipe de Alburquerque - compiled by volunteer members of the New Mexico Genealogical Society (2007)

Navajo and Pueblo Earrings, 1850-1945: collected by Robert V. Gallegos - by Robert Bauver, photographs by Chadwick Tanner, foreword by Robert V. Gallegos (2007)

Patterns of Exchange: Navajo weavers and traders- Teresa J. Wilkins (2008)

Indian-made : Navajo culture in the marketplace, 1868-1940 - Erika Marie Bsumek (2009)

A Century of Masters - Nicolasa Chavez (2009)

One nation, one year : a Navajo photographer's 365-day journey into a world of discovery, life, and hope - photos by Don James ; text by Karyth Becenti ; additional editing by Lexi Petronis (2010)

Chief Loco: Apache peacemaker - Bud Shapard (2011)

The jar of severed hands: Spanish deportation of Apache prisoners of war, 1770-1810 - Mark Santiago (2012)

Jeffrey Lunges: Visions of the Southwest - Kelley Hays-Gilpin and Dennis Gilpin (2013)

Best Nature / Environment book

Best Nature / Environment Book

Bearing witness: 25 years of refuge - Lou Liberty, poetry & prose ; Margy O'Brien, art (2008)

Wolf Song: a love story - Paulie Clark (2009)

The Return of the River: writers, scholars, and citizens speak on behalf of the Santa Fe River - Kyce Bello (2011)

Raptors of New Mexico - Jean-Luc Cartron (2011)

Wildflowers of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains - Larry Littlefield & Pearl Burns (2012)

New Mexico's Living Landscapes: a roadside view - William W. Dunmire; photography by Christine Bauman and William W. Dunmire (2012)

Continental Divide - Krista Schlyer (2013)

Best New Age book

Best New Age Book

Divine Rainbow: nature as spiritual teacher - M. Louise Heydt (2007)

Soul Oriented Solutions - Rheanni Lightwater (2008)

Numerology for Healing: your personal numbers as the key to a healthier life - Michael Brill (2009)

Gifts from the Rainforest: medicine for healing the modern mind - Rheanni Lightwater (2010)

Manual for Living: reality - a user's guide to the meaning of life - Seth David Chernoff (2011)

Spirit Stones: unraveling the megalithic mysteries of Western Europe's prehistoric monuments - Dianne Ebertt Beeaff (2012)

Mary Magdalene Beckons - Mercedes Kirkel (2013)

Best Nonfiction book - other

Best Nonfiction Book, Other

New Mexico Ghost Stories - Antonio Garcez (2007)

Boom, Bust, Boom - Bill Carter (2013)

Best Parenting / Family Issues book

Best Parenting / Family Issues Book

Syra's Scribbles - Syra Divine (2008)

A Good Goodbye : funeral planning for those who don't plan to die - Gail Rubin (2011)

Birthday Tributes - Joy O'Donnell & Dawn Burruel (2012)

Best Pets / Animals book

Best Pets / Animals Book

Terrie Q and Travelin' Jack's Pet Friends - Terrie Q. Sayre and Travelin' Jack (2013)

Best Philosophy book

Best Philosophy Book

The New Trinity: your secular pathway to personal spirituality - Jack Burch (2011)

A Hidden Light - Zalman Schachter-Shalomi & Natnel Miles-Yepez (2012)

From Fear to Love - Harry Willson (2013)

Best Poetry book (individual or collection)

Best Poetry Book (individual or collection)

The Sound a Raven Makes - Sawnie Morris, Michelle Holland & Catherine Ferguson (2007)

Graven Images - Mike Sutin (2008)

The Seasons of Yes - Lorraine Schechter (2008)

The Welcome Table - Jay Udall (2009)

But Who's Counting? - Zelda Leah Gatuskin (2010)

Sky Land: A Southwestern Cycle - Michael Johnson (2010)

Splitting Hard Ground- Marilyn Stablein (2010)

Vocabulary of Silence - Veronica Golos (2011)

Love & Death: Greatest Hits -  Renee Gregorio, Joan Logghe & Miriam Sagan (2011)

Sting and Nest - Barbara Rockman (2012)

Begging for vultures: new and selected poems, 1994-2009 - Lawrence Welsh (2012)

On the Back Porch of the Moon - Jane Lipman (2013)

Best Political book (includes Social / Current Events)

Best Political Book (includes Social / Current Events)

Praxis and Ambiguity of the Enemy - Fernando Garavito (2007)

Your Money or Your Life - Martha Burk (2008)

Great Peacemakers - Ben Keller & Heather Chase (2009)

Not just New Mexico's Senator: Senator Pete V. Domenici's leadership on four issues affecting our nation's future - Martin Janowksi (2010)

Senator Pete Domenici's legacy : the proceedings from the 2010 Pete V. Domenici Public Policy Conference - Vicki Taggart (2011)

A Woman in Both Houses: my career in New Mexico politics - Pauline Eisenstadt (2012)

Feeling the Unthinkable: essays on social justice - Donald Gutierrez (2013)

Best Reference book

Best Reference Book

Tiller's Guide to Indian Country - Veronica Tiller (2007)

Decoding design: understanding and using symbols in visual communication : discover the hidden meanings inside common corporate logos and designs - Maggie MacNab (2008)

Who's the You in the Mirror - DonnaLee Wheeler (2009)

Anarchist Periodicals in English - Ernesto Longa (2010)

Turquoise: the world story of a fascinating gemstone - Joe Dan Lowry & Joe P. Lowry (2011)

New Mexico Historical Biographies - Don Bullis (2012)

Los Alamos Place Names - Craig Martin (2013)

Best Religious book

Best Religious Book

Dejad a los niños a venir a mi = (Suffer the little ones to come unto me): a history of the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Peralta - John Taylor (2007)

Saints of the Pueblos - Charles M. Carrillo (2008)

Sacred feminine : sacred images of the Southwest & the development of the feminine principles in New Mexican folkloric art - Judith McLaughlin (2009)

The hidden power of the Gospels: four questions, four paths, one journey - Alexander Shaia (2010)

You who make the sky bend: saints as archetypes of the human condition - Lisa Sandlin & Catherine Ferguson (2011)

Golden States of Grace - Rick Nahmias (2012)

God of Love : a guide to the heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - Mirabai Starr (2013)

Best Science book (includes Mathematics)

Best Science Book (includes Mathematics)

Algebraic Structures Using Natural Class of Intervals - Vasanta Kandasamy & Florentin Smarandache (2011)

The Natural History of Tassel-Eared Squirrels - Sylvester Allred (2012)

DSm Super Vector Space of Refined Labels - Florentin Smarandache (2012)

Uncovering Earth's Crust - Conrad Storad (2013)

Children of Time: evolution and the human story - Anne Weaver (2013)

Best Self-help book (includes Spirituality / Inspirational)

Best Self-Help Book (includes Spirituality / Inspirational)

Journaling for Women - Cindy Bellinger (2007)

Dying: A Natural Passage - Denys Cope (2008)

The Voice of the Muse: answering the call to write - Mark David Gerson (2009)

Revising Fiction: making sense of the madness - Kirt Hickman (2010)

Zen Birding - David M. White & Susan M. Guyette (2011)

A Cowboy's Guide to Growing Up Right - Slim Randles, illustrations by Jerry Montoya (2011)

Home Country : drama, dreams and laughter from America's heartland - Slim Randles (2012)

What Lasts is the Breath - Janet Eigner (2013)

Best Spanish Language book

Best Spanish Language Book

El Vidajero - Raquel Rubin-Jimenez (2012)

Best Sports / Recreation book

Best Sports / Recreation Book

Duke City Diamonds - Gary Herron (2013)

Best Travel book (includes guides)

Best Travel Book (includes guides)

High plains of northeastern New Mexico: a guide to geology and culture - William R. Muehlberger, Sally J. Muehlberger, L. Greer Price (2007)

Backroads & byways of New Mexico: drives, day trips & weekend excursions - Sally Moore (2008)

Breakfast New Mexico style: a dining guide to more than 100 favorite, fancy, funky and family friendly restaurants with over 80 librarian-recommended books and many fun after-breakfast activities - Valerie Nye & Kathy Barco (2009)

New Mexico: A guide for the eyes - Elisa Parhad (2010)

Hoist a Cold One! : historic bars of the Southwest - Melody Groves, photos by Myke Groves (2011)

A guide to plants of the northern Chihuahuan Desert - Carolyn Dodson, drawings by Robert DeWitt Ivey (2012)

The Rio Grande : a river guide to the geology and landscapes of northern new mexico - Paul Bauer (2012)

Tony Hillerman's Landscapes: Southwest Guide & Map - Anne Hillerman and Don Strel (2013)

Best Young Adult book (high school)

Best Young Adult Book (high school)

The Green Glass Sea - Ellen Klages (2007)

Lawn Boy - Gary Paulsen (2008)

White Sands, Red Menace - Ellen Klages (2009)

Split - Swati Avasthi (2011)

No Crystal Stair: a documentary novel of the life and work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem bookseller - Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, artwork by R. Gregory Christie (2012)

Football - Jennifer McKerley (2013)

Best Young Reader book (to grade 3)

Best Young Reader Book (to grade 3)

Loco Dog and the Dust Devil in the Railyard - Marcy Heller, illustrated by Nancy Poes (2008)

An Elephant Family Adventure: The Elephants Tour England - Beverly Eschberger (2009)

Shoes for the Santo Niño [Spanish language] = Zapitillos para el Santo Niño : a bilingual tale - Peggy Pond Church, illustrated by Charlie M. Carrillo (2010)

Amazing Armadillos - Jennifer Guess Mckerley, illustrated by Paul Mirocha (2010)

The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam - Sandi Wright (2011)

Grandpa's Magic Tortilla - Demetria Martínez & Rosalee Montoya-Read, illustrations by Lisa May Casaus, Spanish translation by Rosalee Montoya-Read (2011)

Fairies! : a true story - Shirley Raye Redmond, illustrated by Red Hansen (2012)

Your Circulatory System - Conrad Storad (2013)

Howard Bryan Western History Awards

Howard Bryan Western History Awards

Joe Sando Western History Awards

Joe Sando Western History Awards

N. Scott Momaday: remembering ancestors, earth, and traditions: an annotated bio-bibliography - Phyllis Morgan (2011)

Taos Pueblo and Its Sacred Blue Lake - Marcia Keegan (2011)

Code Talker - Chester Nez with Judith Schiess Avila (2012)

People's Choice Award

People's Choice Award

Bless Me, Ultima - Rudolfo Anaya (2007)

The Milagro Beanfield War - John Nichols (2008)

A Thief of Time - Tony Hillerman (2009)

Thomas J. Steele Western History Awards

Thomas J. Steele Western History Awards

Tony Hillerman Awards for Best Fiction

Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction

Sweeney - Robert Julyan (2012)

A Growing Season - Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl (2013)

Bone Horses - Lesley Poling-Kempes (2013)

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