New Mexico - Arizona Book Awards

New Mexico Book Awards - 2012

Best Anthology (individual or collection)

  • Out of the Shadows - Martha Shipman Andrews
  • Turning Points in Women's Lives - Shirley Patterson & Susan Cho

Best Anthropology / Archaeology book

  • Imprisoned Art - Joyce Szabo

 Best Arts book (includes Art, Music, or Photography)

Best Biography (includes Memoirs and Autobiographies)

Best Business book (includes Career)

  • Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism - Dennis Marker

Best Children's Activity book (workbook / craft book / coloring book)

  • OsoBear's Christmas in New Mexico - Jill Lane

Best Children's Picture book

Best Cookbook

Best Cover Design, large (larger than 6x9)

  • Illuminations - Steven Edwin Counsell

Best Cover Design, small (6x9 or smaller)

Best Crafts / Hobby / How-to

  • My Memoir Workbook - Marcia Rosen

Best Fiction book, Adventure / Drama

Best Fiction book, Historical

  • True Brit: Beatrice, 1940 - Rosemary Zibart, illustrated by George Lawrence

Best Fiction book, Mystery / Suspense

Best Fiction book, Romance

  • Uncommon Bond - C.L. Gillmore

Best Fiction book, Science Fiction / Fantasy

  • Magical Alienation - Kris Neri

Best Fiction book, Other

Best First book (first book published by author)

Best Gardening book

Best Gay / Lesbian (GLBT) book

  • Lucky Shot - Sarah Leamy

Best Health book (includes Wellness, Nutrition, Beauty)

  • The Advanced Mediterranean Diet - Steve Parker

Best History book, New Mexico subject

Best History book, Other

  • Wild Horses of the West - J. Edward Steiguer

Best Juvenile book (grade school to junior high school)

Best Multi-Cultural Subject book (Hispanic, Native American, etc.)

Best Nature / Environment book

Best New Age book

  • Spirit Stones: unraveling the megalithic mysteries of Western Europe's prehistoric monuments - Dianne Ebertt Beeaff

Best New Mexico book

Best New Mexico Centennial book

Best Nonfiction book, Other

Best of Show

Best Parenting / Family Issues book

  • Birthday Tributes - Joy O'Donnell & Dawn Burruel

Best Philosophy book

  • A Hidden Light - Zalman Schachter-Shalomi & Natnel Miles-Yepez

Best Poetry book (individual or collection)

Best Political book (includes Social / Current Events)

Best Reference book

Best Religious book

  • Golden States of Grace - Rick Nahmias

Best Science book (includes Mathematics)

Best Self-help book (includes Spirituality / Inspirational)

Best Spanish Language book

  • El Vidajero - Raquel Rubin-Jimenez

Best Travel book (includes guides)

Best Young Adult book (high school)

Best Young Reader book (to grade 3)

  • Fairies! : a true story - Shirley Raye Redmond, illustrated by Red Hansen

Howard Bryan Western History Award

  • Santa Rita del Cobre - Christopher Huggard & Terrence Humble

Joe Sando Western History Award

Thomas J. Steele Western History Award

Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction

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