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The hoopla Patron Support Team is a dedicated team of specially trained technical and library experts that work out of hoopla headquarters to assist patrons directly for the library.

Contact hoopla Support

There are two easy ways to contact hoopla support:

While playing a title: At the bottom of each title page on the hoopla mobile app or within each content player on the hoopla website, there is a special link or icon where you can report an issue or ask a question.

This is the best way to report a possible playback issue.

Using “Submit Feedback”: At the bottom of the website is a “Submit Feedback” link that can be used to start a support ticket. On your mobile device, this feature is found by pressing the help icons, (!) or (?) under Settings.

This is the best way to contact hoopla about a login or registration issue or even to make suggestions for a new feature you would like to see.

You can also email Hoopla at

In Person Help

In Person Help

Get help at your local branch with your device. Find more information and a list of classes here.