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Getting Started

Getting Started

The goal of NML is to offer access to every work of classical music ever recorded and to become the ultimate resource in the classical music field. In the future users will also be able to view the instrumentation of all orchestral and chamber music works.

Naxos Music Library’s educational text resources include synopses of over 700 operas, a pronunciation guide for composer and artist names, a glossary of musical terms, work details and analyses for many major compositions, MENC-based music curriculum for grades K-12, music history audio books, and more.


Searching for Music

There are threesimple ways to find the music with NML:

  • Browsing
  • Advanced Search
  • Keyword Search


In the global navigation bar on the left side of the page, you will see "Categories" link. Click that to browse various categories such as Orchestral, Ballet, Pop and Rock, and more!

Advanced Search

Click the “Advanced Search” link at the top right of any page. Enter information into as few or as many fields as you like. Click the magnifying glass next to the box for suggestions to search, and select to add to the search field. Also, when a user begins typing into a field a dropdown list of potential selections will appear. Click search after you have entered desired criteria.

Keyword Search

At the top of every page in NML, there is a Keyword search box. Type in a word or words in the box and click “Search”. This is a good search method if you are looking for a specific album or repertoire title. Play around with it to discover the kinds of search results the NML database will return.


Naxos Music has a new look!

The new version on Naxos Music Library is live and ready for use with its fresh new look, faster loading times, built in player (no longer a pop up window), new educational resources, and a continually growing library of classical recordings. 
Click here to see the new features!



Frequently Asked Questions related to Naxos Music Library and technical help.
Can't find your answer at a library branch? Contact NML Support with logon issues and specific technical questions at

Naxos app

Download apps

Naxos works amazingly well as a streaming resource played from their website using a web browser on a mobile device or on a computer. Many of our customers do not find the app necessary, however they do have an app if you prefer that approach.

Download the app from the iOS app store or from Google Play.

To use the app you must first create an account associated with your name and email address from this registration page of the website. This will also allow a user to create and save playlists. Users may be required, even when using the app, to authenticate with library card number and PIN.