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Getting Started with Freegal Music +

From the Library main page, click on Freegal either from the header dropdown or through the eResources page. You will be directed to the site, which should have the Public Library logo at the top left. On the right of the page is a "Login" button. You can log in with your library card number and pin.

To increase usability, download the free iOS app or Android app. There's also an app for Kindle Fire. Depending on the model you have, may need to select "download from unknown sources" in the Settings menu.

Freegal users have access to unlimited daily streaming and 5 downloads per week. At the very top of the webpage, you will see the number of downloads allowed based on previous use of the account. Download count resets every Monday at 12:01 EST. Note that videos are considered premium content and will use two of your downloads.

Search can be done either by Keyword or can be limited to Artist, Song, Album, or Video through the dropdown menu. There is an advanced search option in the left menu, which will allow you to use OR and AND operators as well as quotations “  ” to find a specific phrase. Also, you may limit a word from being included in search by using the minus - key. In the menu on the left of the screen, there are also links for My Music, My Playlists, Favorites, Genres, and Downloads. 

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Simple and easy to use, Freegal is an online music service that provides streaming and downloadable music as well as thousands of music videos. Keep your music organized with playlists, download history, and see what others are listening to. With a handy online music player and no local software, your library card is a ticket to great music and music videos!

  • 5 songs / Week via download
  • Unlimited Daily streaming

DRM Rights?

Who pays artists for the music?

All music on freegal is licensed through agreements with Artist label or the recording company that owns the rights to the music. As freegal puts it, the service is underwritten by your local library!

What is the difference between downloading and streaming?

Downloading is capturing and keeping the file on a permanent basis. Streaming is accessing the file on a temporary basis, while connected to the internet. Streaming gives you access to more music. Your daily streaming limit is posted in the upper-right corner of the home page.

What can I legally do with downloaded or streamed music from freegal?

The music you access via the freegal site is for non-commercial purposes only. It comes with a license for personal use only. This means that you cannot duplicate it for others, or play it in public, other than for the intended enjoyment of a normal circle of family or friends.

Are there Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions on downloaded files?

No. Songs downloaded through freegal are free of restrictions imposed by DRM. Thus, you can move the file around, transfer to other computers or devices, or even burn to a CD. Remember that copyright restrictions do apply; more information about copyright is available by calling or visiting any of the Public Library branch locations.