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Albuquerque Indian School

Albuquerque Indian School

Albuquerque Indian School Teachers, 1883


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The History of Boarding Schools in New Mexico


Albuquerque Indian School,1885

The discovery of unmarked graves at the site of Native American residential and boarding schools across the United States and Canada has renewed scrutiny of these institutions. 

Founded with the intention of assimilating Native American children, students at these schools were separated from family, and forbidden from speaking Native languages, or practicing traditional customs.  Education was often limited to training as domestic and industrial workers.   

New Mexico was home to several boarding schools as well as day schools, though children from New Mexico were also sent to schools that were located out of state.

  • Albuquerque Indian School 
  • Nenahnezad Boarding School
  • Ramona Industrial School
  • Rehoboth Boarding School 
  • San Juan Boarding School 
  • Santa Fe Industrial School (Santa Fe Indian School)
  • Shiprock Boarding School 
  • Zuni Boarding School 

For a discussion of the topic in New Mexico:

Let's Talk About the Legacy of New Mexico's Native American Boarding Schools - from KUNM.

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