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City/County Collections at Special Collections

City and County Archives at Special Collections

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Albuquerque Center Documents - promotional materials, newsletters, sector development plans, facilities studies (e.g. Performing Arts Center), and more pertaining to Downtown Redevelopment efforts (1980s).

Albuquerque City Clerk Scrapbooks - volumes of clippings documenting news, issues and events involving City of Albuquerque government (1922-1974).

Albuquerque Promotional Pamphlets - published by Chamber of Commerce, Civic Council, local banks and business, and tourism and hospitality groups.

Albuquerque Tricentennial Records - about the organization, task forces,committees, projects, events, publicity and financial records of this 300n celebration of the founding of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Albuquerque Urban Coalition Files - reports, memoranda, newspaper clippings and correspondence related to the work of the Albuquerque Urban Coalition (1972-1976).

Albuquerque's Environmental Story, Joan and Hymer Rosner Collection This collection holds the final drafts and images of “Albuquerque’s Environmental Story: Educating for a Sustainable Community, 3rd Edition.”

Bernalillo County Abstract and Title Company Collection - records of property transactions, grantor and grantee indexes, indexes to court actions actions, and abstracts of titles.

Citizen's Record Collection - includes records of a variety of civic projects such as Petroglyph National Monument and Albuquerque's Open Spaces.

Mayor of Albuquerque Scrapbooks - administrations of:

  • David Rusk 
  • Louis Saavedra

Regional Planning Collection - a variety of planning documents from Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, and the immediate vicinity.

Featured Collection

Featured Collection:

Ernie Pyle Collection

Ernest Taylor Pyle (August 3, 1900 – April 18, 1945)

Abstract: This collection contains materials written by and about Ernie Pyle, a Pulitzer prize winning American journalist who was most famous for his World War II columns from the 1940s. The collection also covers his early days as the “Roving Reporter,” his life in Albuquerque and overseas, and his eventual death in Ie Shima, Okinawa in 1945. There is also much information about various tributes and memorials, which occurred after his death, including the opening of the Ernie Pyle Memorial Branch Library in Albuquerque, NM.

Archival Collections at Special Collections

Archives at Special Collections

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Airport Neighbors Alliance - organizational history, activities, and research of the Airport Neighbors Alliance (ANA), a non-profit community organization located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (1992 - 2002).

Albuquerque Community Concert Association - business records, correspondence, and season and performer information of the Albuquerque Community Concert Association (1947-1977).

Albuquerque Promotional Materials Collection - tourism and "booster" publications.

Albuquerque Public Library Archives - scrapbooks, accession records, staff lists, handouts and brochures.

Francelle Alexander CollectionResearch materials for the books Albuquerque’s North Valley: Los Griegos & Los Candelarias and Albuquerque’s North Valley: Alameda & Los Ranchos donated by the author, Francelle Alexander.

Amador Publishers, LLC, Collection - contains pre-publishing materials, book cover designs, color separation sheets, copies of many titles from the Amador Publishers catalog.

F. G. Armijo Store & Co. - Ledger of Credit Extended 18 September 1934-02 October 1935

Bridgers & Paxton Collection - documents regarding the engineering firm Bridgers & Paxtion, including the Solar Building, which was the first active solar-heated commercial building, finished in 1956.

Buena Vista Heights Addition Collection - documents and correspondence pertaining to the establishment and property ownership of the Buena Vista Heights Addition.  See also the Buena Vista Heights Addition Abstract of Title.

Calendar Collection - includes past Balloon Fiesta calendars, and more.

Colligan Collection - personal papers, manuscripts, photos, and related material documenting John B. Colligan's research on the genealogy of the Armijo, Borradile, and Colligan families.

Corrales Art Association Collection -- newsletters, correspondence, photos, ephemera. Includes references to Tony Armijo, Nick Abdalla, Bette Casteel, Max F. Chavez, Betty Colbert, Max Flatow, Peggy Hooker, Neal Putman, Doris Steider, Tom Thomason among others.

Darrow Collection -- includes a route driver's log book from French's Dairy (1951) and corporation records for Darrow Ice Cream Company.

Don Quixote Collection - includes a variety of editions of Don Quixote over the years, as well as statuary and recordings.

Federal Works Agency Collection - includes publications: Teaching English to Non-English Speaking Adults, Housekeeping Aide Project Work Book, Rules of all Games to be Used in the City School N.Y.A. Program.

Earl Grasser Collection - newspaper clippings mostly pertaining to New Mexico issues, particularly political issues, largely from the 1930s.

Hetzel Civilian Conservation Corps CollectionBooks, maps, certificates, and teaching material related to Peter Hetzel's work as a cooking instructor for the CCC.

Historical Lectures Collection - Recordings of lectures about a variety of topics in New Mexico history, primarily given to the Albuquerque Historical Society during the 1960s and early 1970s.

History of Petroglyph National Monument - A gift from FOTAP Keepers Issac C. and Sharon Eastvold, this collection of over 20 boxes contains documents relating to the establishment of the Petroglyph National Monument.

Independent Publishing Company Collection - Corporation record book of the company from incorporation in 1939.

Jones Motor Company Building Collection - From Automobile Showroom to Kelly’s Brew Pub – The Evolution of an Architectural Gem

Gladys Kingston Collection - This collection is a gift from Nancy Tucker, and consists of a scrapbook called The Girl Graduate: Her Own Book, a copy of the UNM Mirage yearbook from 1934, a high school scrapbook, a college scrapbook, and a signed copy of Rhymes from New Mexico by Charles E. Hodgin, all belonging to Gladys Kingston.

El Kookoóee - Festival de Otoño Files - contains letters, receipts, and papers documenting Rudolfo Anaya's efforts to introduce the annual El Kookoóee celebrations in the South Valley.

Kurt's Camera Corral, Inc. Collection - contains documents and artifacts pertaining to Kurt’s Cameral Corral, Inc., an Albuquerque business that Kurt Kubie began in 1950 in the Nob Hill shopping center.

Madonna of the Trail Collection

Manuscript Collection - manuscripts or galleys by Wilfred McCormick, Robert H. La Follette, Scott O'Dell, Elliott S. Barker, and Roland Dickey.

Marigold Parade Collection - a collection of photos, graphics, and articles about South Valley's Marigold Parade.

Menu Collection - variety of menus and coasters from local restaurants.

New Mexico and Albuquerque Sheet Music - sheet music about or published in Albuquerque or New Mexico. Related collection: Elizabeth Garrett Sheet Music Collection.

New Mexico Council of Administrative Women in Education - meeting minutes and treasurer's reports (1917-1974).

New Mexico Doctors Collection - a collection of biographical information about early New Mexico doctors, as well as support research.

New Mexico Federation of Women's Clubs - four scrapbooks concerning the Federation of Women’s Clubs and Frances M. (Mrs. R.W.) Goddard, President and Director of the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1937-1941.

New Mexico Promotional Materials Collection - tourism and "booster" publications.

New Mexico Promotional Pamphlets - tourism and "booster" publications.

Newspaper Archive - Albuquerque - A collection of individual issues of newspapers from Albuquerque.

Newspaper Archive - Albuquerque Journal & Tribune - A collection of individual issues of the Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque Tribune.

Newspaper Archive - New Mexico - A collection of individual issues of newspapers from various parts of New Mexico.  Dates range from 1894-1938.

Nob Hill Main Street Project - information about the Nob Hill Main Street, INC., a not-for-profit corporation established in 1985 to develop and carry out the economic revitalization of the Nob Hill Neighborhood commercial district. 

Okie Joe's Petition - a petition created in 1979 to "Preserve Okie's."

Postcard Collection - Albuquerque.

Postcard Collection - New Mexico.

Poster Collection - posters from Albuquerque and other locations in New Mexico.

Public Works of Art Donations (1934), including:

 Louis Ewing serigraph collection

Quijotes de America, Inc.

Joel Tito Ramirez Collection

Janet Rontz Collection - illustrations of homes and other buildings in the Greater Albuquerque Area.

The Sun Newspaper Archive - the collection contains newspaper issues from both The Sun and The Albuquerque Morning Journal from May and June of 1908.  Also included is an issue of The Sun in which the editor reports an assault on himself by an Albuquerque police officer.. 

Nancy Tucker Postcard Collection Postcards representing the Albuquerque postcard publishers discussed in talks that Nancy Tucker has given at the Special Collections.  Materials are in protective pockets as organized by the author.  This collection is complemented by the Nancy Tucker Postcard Research Collection housed separately.

Nancy Tucker Postcard Research CollectionResearch materials for talks that Nancy Tucker presented at the Special Collections Library on the history of postcard publishers.  Materials are in folders as organized by the author.  This collection is complemented by the Nancy Tucker Postcard Collection housed separately.

Vertical Files - folder sets containing newspaper and magazine clippings, pamphlets, photographs, documents, event programs and related ephemera. 

W.P.A. Collection - correspondence, applications for approval, plans, quotes from vendors, receipts, blueprints, and pay reports related to Works Progress Administration projects undertaken in Albuquerque between (1931-1942). Related collections: Federal Works Agency Publications, Hetzel Civilian Conservation Corps Collection and City Engineer's Office Collection.

Youth Concerts of New Mexico Collection - business records and some publicity information (1969-1971).

What Is an Archive?


An archive is "a place in which public records or historical documents are preserved; also the material preserved (often used in plural)" - or "a repository or collection especially of information." Source:  merriam-webster.com

Some archival boxes housing the Ernie Pyle Collection

Archival holdings are a rich and growing resource at Special Collections. Archive collections are available for in-house use only.

New Mexicans of Note

New Mexicans of Note

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Dennis Chavez postage stamps [framed]

Erna Fergusson Diploma Collection - includes Erna Fergusson's degrees from the University of New Mexico and Columbia University.

Fergusson-Robinson Letters - three letters from Erna Fergusson to Caroline Hadley Robinson; one letter to Louis Robinson. Uniquely personal glimpses into the life and concerns of Albuquerque's First Lady of Letters.

Ralph Freese Scrapbooks - collections of clippings related to the career of Albuquerque choral musician Ralph Freese. 

Elizabeth Garrett Sheet Music CollectionMusic by Elizabeth Garrett, song writer who wrote "O, Fair New Mexico." Related collection: New Mexico Sheet Music.

Ralph Jones Collection - Jones was the proprietor of the former Jones Motor Company on Central Avenue. The collection includes photos, correspondence, and memorabilia related to Jones's participation in civic affairs, particularly his participation in the Armed Forces Advisory Committee.

Daniel Angus MacPherson, Jr. Collection - contains items related to the military service, legal career and Albuquerque social life of Daniel Angus MacPherson, Jr. and his family.

John "Mike" Michnovicz Collection - contains newspaper clippings, memorabilia from John "Mike" Michnovicz, “Through his photographs, John J. "Mike" Michnovicz documented Los Alamos during the building of the first atomic bomb, but he's probably better known for his accordion performances.” (ABQ Journal obituary)

Chuck Mittlestadt Collection - newspaper clippings, correspondence, and publicity items generated by freelance Albuquerque publicist and journalist Chuck Mittlestadt.

T. M. Pearce Scrapbooks - collections of reviews and correspondence relating to the work of writer and scholar T. M. Pearce, perhaps best known for New Mexico Place Names: a Geographical Dictionary

Ernie Pyle Collection - newspaper clippings, some original documents, photographs, scrapbooks, and realia.

Alan B. Reed Collection - correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings and other items related to the political career of Albuquerque city councilor Alan B. Reed.

Nurse Florinda Thais (1905-1989) - information about Nurse Thais who was active in healthcare in Albuquerque.  She received a nursing degree from St. Joseph’s Sanatorium, Albuquerque in 1919. She attended/worked for St. Joseph’s from 1917-1923, Women’s and Children’s Hospital in 1924, St. Antony’s Hospital in Las Vegas in 1925, and at Presbyterian Sanatorium/Hospital from 1946-1958.

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