Exhibits @ Your Library

On display

Here are some examples of what has been exhibited at San Pedro in the past.


Bittersweet Harvest - The Bracero Program 1942-1964

Vejigante Masks

The San Pedro Library hosted the Vejigante Mask Exhibit in 2024. Many of the masks were worn at past Carnaval Ponceño celebrations in Puerto Rico. Visitors could learn about the fascinating history and story on how these vibrant and iconic masks derived from masquerade traditions inspire energy, good health, and strength. 

Arpilleras - Celebrating Life

In celebration of Women's History Month 2024, the San Pedro Library hosted a series of Arpilleras, also known as Cuadros, handcrafted by indigenous women from several cooperatives around the outskirts of Lima, Peru. These quilts and fabrics  are like pictures, each telling a personal story through stitching, sewing, and crafts

Colombia and Wayuu Mochilas

In 2023, we highlighted Colombia and Wayuu Mochilas for National Hispanic Heritage Month. Our focus was the fascinating history and stories of these colorful, vibrant, and culturally significant bags called Mochilas that dates back centuries.