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On Display: Cyanotypes

Cyanotype is a camera-less technique that uses a chemical solution and sunlight to transfer an image to paper or cloth.

In 1843 Anna Atkins (first woman photographer) published Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions. She was a friend of Sir John Herschel who invented the chemical process used in cyanotype. Since then, cyanotypes have been used commercially (i.e. blueprints) and by many artists and photographers.

I have found the process of making cyanotypes to be a little  bit magical, a little bit unpredictable and very exciting as the beautiful range of blues develop and the image finally reveals itself.

The cyanotypes in this exhibit are some of my favorites from the series "Enchanted Garden" and "Enchanted Forest". I used stencils, plant materials, soap suds and ground spices to create the images."

~DeAnna Jacobson, a New Mexican artist who does printmaking, cyanotypes, and cold wax with oils.