Exhibits @ Your Library

On display

Here are some examples of what has been exhibited at East Mountain in the past.


Artwork by Brian Baker, a middle school art teacher, and his former student Rebecca Chimarusti

Anderson's LEGO Space Fleet

German and American Nutcracker collection of customer Connie Deel from her travels to Europe over 20 years

A customer's Barbie collection

Oil painting by Enrique Harrison

Gregory Busse's Army dioramas

Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site Museum

Beaded Silk by Diana Yum Bucher

Clay and Bead Jewelry by Jenny Pezaro

Roosevelt Middle School Art Students Projects

Mitch Elson

Lip Balm Collection

A personal collection started in 1991, including examples from around the world (Hamburg, Zagreb, Munich, London), representing sports teams (Kansas Jayhawks, Greenbay Packers), cities (Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, Aspen, etc.), and some with  funny names (Lip Schitt, Chicken Poop) or advertising products (Lucky Charms, Nestle candy bar).

Fantasy Landscapes by UNM student and local artist Brianna Rigdon.

Art by Rachel Compson

By Hand - an exhibition of recent woodblock prints by Mark Weaver

Croak & Dagger

Santiago PĂ©rez

Santiago Pérez is a painter of colorful and dramatic paintings in the Surrealist-fantasy, Hispanic, Western landscape, Cowboy, and genres. Santiago paints horses, cowboy scenes, portraits, Southwestern landscape, and imaginary worlds of fantastic creatures. He gets his inspiration from art history, folk tales, stories, and poetry. His exhibit at East Mountain was oil on cardboard portraits of famous authors, including Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, Langston Hughes, Joy Harjo,Sandra Cisneros, Maxine Hong Kingston, and James Baldwin.