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Here are some examples of what has been exhibited at Juan Tabo in the past.


Eldorado High School Student Showcase

Folded Book Page Creations for the December adult display table

Cyanotypes by DeAnna Jacobson

Nikki Joseph: Art is Within You - An Artist's Journey

One Day in 2022 I awoke and realized that I wanted to be an artist and that began my journey with painting. I didn't feel that I was too old to begin this endeavor because when you have such a realization, then it's like a hunger that must be fed. I never had any instruction in art, although I know a few people who were artists; but I did not realize that I could actually be an artist until I went full force into painting.

I began my journey by just watching a few YouTube videos and decided that I could also paint and had the desire to do so.

I have had a few artist friends that encouraged me on my art journey and I have been very grateful for their guidance and encouragement.

I feel that  I have progressed quickly, considering the short amount of time that I have been painting. Art truly has been lying dormant in me for some time.

All my paintings are original, using acrylic paint. I love color and that comes out in my paintings..

Hopefully I will be of some encouragement to other "hidden artists" out there. Thank you for visiting my exhibit. Please contact me via my website with any questions you may have.

~artist's statement

Rainbow Artists

Rainbow Artists was born in 1990 when women artists in the Albuquerque Community came together to discuss how difficult it was for women to get their art shown, particularly women of color. It has lasted for almost 30 years because of the bond of friendship and cooperation we have. We enjoy each other's company and encourage each other in our artistic pursuits. Our work in the Albuquerque arts community has been recognized with a Bravo Award for Outstanding Arts Organization in 2003 and the Dr. Martin Luther King Award, also in 2003, for service to the community. Rainbow Artists purpose is simple: to support all women in pursuing their creativity.