Public Art @ the Libraries

SC Art

Book Warden

The Book Warden is a figurative sculpture with text and script relief along the surfaces located just inside the library's doors. Created by Melissa Zink

SC Art

Historical Timeline of Books

The Historical Timeline of Books is an acrylic painted mural depicting the history and evolution of calligraphy through the ages. Created by Diana Stetson (1995).


Augustus Saint-Gaudens' portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson

Thomason Gates

Thomason Gates<
Depicts the Scottish writer and poet Robert Louis Stevenson.

Tom Thomason (1937-2006) was a graduate of Albuquerque High and UNM and a well-known artist and jeweler. He and his wife, educator and children's advocate Jo (Celia) Thomason (1937-2003), were Albuquerque residents and library benefactors. The courtyard gates at Special Collections are based on one of Tom Thomason's designs.