Public Art @ the Libraries

LT Art

The Mall

La Blessure

Para David

The Mall is a multi colored scene of numerous people walking around a mall. Lots of light and shadow and fields of color by Enrique Montenegro (1981). La Blessure is a low-relief carved marble mural in an abstract form to look like wrinkled paper. Created by Collette Perazio-Itkin. Para David is an abstract figurative steel sculpture on a concrete pedestal. Created by Ed Vega (1990).

Light in Albuquerque

Delta Foxtrot Oscar Roger Uncle
Victor Yankee Yankee zulu xray

Light in Albuquerque are photographs of different locations around Albuquerque and the different types of light that illuminate each scene by James Dietch (2009).

LT Art 2


Sandia Sunset

Velocipede is an abstract assemblage with right angles and circles in various earth tones. Created by Robert Hooton (2000). Sandia Sunset is a modernist abstract landscape with a shaft of light coming down on the sandia mountains. Bright blues, yellow and red with darker earth tones at edges. Created by Robert Hooton (1996).

Dentrite Fusion

Sa Sara

Sa Sara
Dentrite Fusion is an abstract painting of long, swirling strands of color exploding into space. Created by Xuan Chen (2007). Sa Sara is an abstract painting with white lines leading to a round pit. Created by Yulia Pinkusevich.


The Colorful Cloud is a hanging sculpture made from fiberglass, wood and lacquer paint. Created by artist Maera Green (2000).