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Geocaching Guidelines

ABQ-BernCo Library Geocaching Guidelines

The ABQ-BernCo Library System welcomes all citizens to our 18 facilities. Geocaching is a family friendly, fun and challenging recreational activity. When placing or searching for geocaches in the public library, please observe all library system rules and regulations including these Geocaching Guidelines.

If you are new to geocaching, please visit Geocaching.com for full guidelines on this activity.

The ABQ-BernCo Library System reserves the right to remove any and all geocaches from library property without notice.

  1. The manager of the facility where the geocache is placed must be notified prior to placement of any cache in a library.  See #4 below.
  2. Library materials and library buildings and property may not be defaced or altered in any manner. Any damage discovered to any Library material due to any geocaching shall be the financial responsibility who has placed such geocache.
  3. Unacceptable containers include those that appear dangerous or could injure any person. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Pipe or anything resembling an explosive device
    • Materials that attract insects or other pests
    • Glass
    • Sharp edges
  1. All geocache containers must be labeled with:
    • The name of the cache
    • Contact information for the individual who has placed the cache
    • Location of the log for the coordinates, such as a web address
  1. Contents

    Items in the geocache may not include food, drinks or anything that smells like food, such as a scented lip balm. The geocache may not include illegal items such as drugs. Alcohol and weapons are prohibited.
  2. Locations

    All locations must be approved by the manager of the specific library. Managers are listed on the information page for each branch

Library materials and resources may not be re-arranged or relocated in order to hide a cache.

The library system is not responsible for a cache that is stolen or damaged.

Please contact Library Administration if you have any questions about these guidelines.