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Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

The Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library System is committed to serving the needs of the community by offering access to educational, recreational and cultural resources. In addition to print and audiovisual materials, customers may access the Internet and numerous software programs at Library branches. While the Internet offers many positive, rewarding and informative experiences, it also poses some risks. The Library supports the right and responsibility of parents to determine and monitor their own children’s use of Library materials and levels of Internet access. Adults accompanying children are encouraged to read "Child Safety on the Information Highway".

  • The Library provides filtered access to the Internet in order to adhere to the requirements set forth in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA, Pub.L. 106-554). Levels of access are determined by the age of the customer.  Unfiltered access is available on a per session basis.
  • All use of library owned internet computers requires a valid library card. A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign the application and indicate that access to library PCs is desired for children under 17 years of age.


  • The Library provides free wireless service with a valid library card in good standing. The self-service wireless network provided for library patrons of any age provides only filtered access. Due to technological limitations, the filter cannot be removed from the wireless network.  
  • Customers using the Library’s Internet connection are solely responsible for what they access on the Internet. The City of Albuquerque does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of documents or information found on the Internet.  
  • The Library protects the confidentiality of borrowing and library use records.  Privacy of personal information and electronic mail are not guaranteed to customers using the library’s computers.  
  • The Library does not offer e-mail accounts. Customers may access their own web-based Internet e-mail accounts via the Library’s Internet connection.   
  • Accessing pornographic or obscene materials through the Library’s Internet and wireless connections is prohibited.  
  • Customers must comply with applicable copyright laws and licensing agreements.  
  • All existing laws, library rules and policies, and City policies apply to conduct when accessing the Internet on City owned connections.  Unauthorized access to the Library’s computers, databases, network, hardware or software settings is prohibited.  Damage to computer resources also is prohibited.
  • The Library and the City of Albuquerque shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with use of the Library’s Internet and wireless connections. Customers shall agree to hold the City harmless for any damages arising out of the customer's use of library equipment.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of computer or Library privileges in addition to any appropriate legal action including criminal prosecution. 

This policy was formulated with the cooperation of the City Attorney’s Office. August 13, 2008. Approved by the Library Advisory Board. September 4, 2008. Revised August 2012.

Computer Use Rules

Computer Use Rules

Computer Access:

  1. Customers who wish to use the Library's computers select this option when applying for their library cards. children under age 17 must have parent/legal guardian permission, granted when the parent/legal guardian signs for the child's library card, to access Library computers.
  2. The following are the levels of Internet access on the Library's computers as required by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) guidelines:
  • Level 1 - Child (1-12)
  • Level 2 - Teen (13-16)
  • Level 3 - Adult (17 and over).
  1. Library cards must be in good standing to use Library-owned computers. Good standing is defined as a card that does not have any billed items or other blocks attached to it.
  2. All computer users must use their own library cards. A user is in violation of the Library's computer use rules of he or she permits another to use his or her card.
  3. Customers are limited to one session when others are waiting.
  4. Once a computer is assigned, customers have 10 minutes to sign in. Express computers allow 5 minutes for sign in. Waiting time cannot be estimated.  Customers are responsible for monitoring their reservations.
  5. Library-owned computers will automatically shut down 5 minutes prior to closing.
  6. If space is available, a maximum of two persons may sit or work together at any one computer.  If both customers are under 17, each must have a library card with the computer use option selected.
  7. All computer users are expected to conduct themselves appropriately within a public environment. Verbal or physical abuse of staff, other library or computer users or computer equipment will not be tolerated.
  8. Computer use may not interfere with others using the Library. Computer customers are subject to the Library’s Building Use Rules.


Saving Files:

  1. Files may not be saved to the desktop or the C Drive.
  2. USB storage devices may be connected to the front of the computer.
  3. No external devices may be connected to the back of any Library-owned computer.
  4. The Library does not provide hardwired connections for customer owned equipment in library buildings.
  5. The Library is not responsible for damage or lost data resulting from the malfunctioning of Library hardware or software.



  1. Printing costs 15 cents per page.  Funds are added to library accounts prior to printing. Customers are responsible for determining that the account holds adequate funds. No refunds are given.
  2. Only paper provided by the Library can be used in the printers.
  3. Color printers are not available.
  4. The Library recommends using print preview before printing.



If customers need assistance using the library’s computers and time allows, library staff will help to the best of their ability. Extended explanations, in-depth training, and specific software assistance are not available on call. Scheduled computer use classes are offered at various branches.


Wireless Access:

  1. All libraries provide free wireless service with a valid library card in good standing.
  2. The Library’s wireless network is not secure. The Library is not responsible for damage or lost data resulting from connection to the Library’s network.
  3. Individual users are responsible for their own equipment. Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance.
  4. Users of the Library’s wireless connection must comply with the Library's Computer Use Policy
  5. Printing is not available. Electrical outlets may be used for customer owned computing devices. Such use may not restrict any library service or present a safety hazard.

Revised August, 2008; September 2011.