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ABQ BioPark - BioPark Connect: African ServalLearn about African servals and discover the ways that ABQ BioPark zookeepers keep their resident serval healthy and happy. The serval is a small- to medium-sized wild cat native to various regions in Africa. Their cream/yellow bodies are covered in black spots and stripes that help them camouflage in their savanna/grassland homes.


Sandia Mountain Natural History Center -  Ecosystems: Producers, Consumers, Decomposers: During this segment, students learn what composes an ecosystem, focusing mainly on the biotic elements: producers, consumers and decomposers. After learning the new terms and understanding the role each one plays within an ecosystem, students will follow the instructor's example, searching for and recording these elements in and around their homes and neighborhoods.


Museum of International Folk Art - Adinkra BannersAdinkra cloth is a stamped fabric that is made in Ghana, Africa. Symbolic motifs which represent proverbs are carved from calabashes, a type of gourd, and are dipped into a black dye made from the bark of the badie tree. Adinkra artists divide the fabric into squares and then create patterns and repetitive designs using the inked stamps.

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