Summer Reading

Minutes Per Week Chart

Minutes Per Week Chart

Not sure how many minutes to read each week? Need a little help choosing a weekly reading goal? Use this handy chart as a guide:

We want you to succeed! Was last week's reading goal a little too much? (or was it too easy?) You can adjust your goal lower or higher for this week!

Instructions for Children age 0-8

How to Participate

Set a weekly reading goal and READ!

1. Sign up and get a Reading Log. Signing up is easy! All we need is your first name, last name, and age. You can print a Reading Log beginning May 12 when you use our easy online sign up portal, or you can pick up an already-printed Reading Log when you register in-person at one of our Public Library Branches beginning June 3.

2. Keep track of the time you spend reading on your Reading Log, whether you read by yourself or someone reads to you. Color in one robot-themed picture each week after you've read the number of minutes (or hours, chapters, titles, pages, however you like to measure!) you've chosen to read as your goal for each week. Choose a number of minutes that you feel would be a good challenge for you, but not so many that you get discouraged. If the number of minutes you've chosen seems too high or too low, you can choose a different amount of time for next week. You do not need to write down any of the titles of the books you've read on your Reading Log, but you can use the blank lines at the bottom of your reading log to record titles if you'd like to. We would LOVE to hear about some of your favorite books!

3. Each week you complete your reading goal, bring your reading log to the local Public Library branch near you, show us your progress, and we'll reward you with a weekly incentive prize! When you have all of the pictures of your Reading Log colored in (one picture for each week of reading!) bring that Reading Log to your local branch of The Public Library and turn it in. We'll then give you an entry form for a special prize drawing at the branch just for Kids age 3-8, or Babies age 0-2. (We understand that kids who join Summer Reading after the first week may not have time to complete their entire reading log in a weekly fashion. This is okay! As long you you make reading progress during the weeks that you are signed up to participate, you can earn a prize drawing entry form at the end of the program, too.)

4. Almost any kind of reading you'd like to do counts! Books? Great! Graphic Novels? Awesome! Magazines? Super! Audiobooks or e-books downloaded and read or listened to on a digital device? Fantastic! What doesn't count? Just a few things: Texting, tweeting, or other activity on social media platforms.