Summer Reading

Instructions for Adult Readers

How to Participate:

1. Sign up and get a Reading Log. Signing up is easy! All we need is your first and last name. As long as you're over 18, we don't need to know your specific age. If you've got access to a printer, you can print a Reading Log beginning May 10 from our easy-to-use online sign-up portal, or you can pick up a Reading Log when you sign up in-person at one of our Public Library Branches beginning June 1.

2. Circle or mark one Bird symbol on your Reading Log for each hour you spend reading or listening to someone else read. (Audiobooks count, too!) If you mark all the symbols on your Reading Log and would like another, you can request one at one of our Library Branch locations.

3. When you have completed the reading for all of the symbols on your Reading Log, turn it in at your local branch of the Public Library as your entry into a special prize drawing we'll hold at each branch for Adults at the end of the Summer Reading Program. Each turned-in Reading Log will also be eligible for the Branch's Weekly Prize Drawing! (One weekly winner per branch - Adults do not receive weekly incentive prizes like the kids do!)

4. Almost every type of visual or audio reading material counts! Exceptions: Texts, tweets, or other social media activity.



Weekly Prizes

Adult Weekly Prize Drawings - 2024

Completed Reading Logs are your entry form for each weekly prize drawing at your library branch. One adult entry will win the prize each week at each Public Library Branch.

WEEK 1 - Reading Light & Magnetic Photo Frame

WEEK 2 - Writing Journal & Pen

WEEK 3 - $10 Wal-Mart Gift Card

WEEK 4 - Love My Library Socks

WEEK 5 - $10 Target Gift Card

WEEK 6 - Aluminum Water Bottle

WEEK 7 - $10 Amazon Gift Card

WEEK 8 - Themed Apron & Canvas Tote Bag

Adult Grand Prize

Adult Grand Prizes

All entered Adult Reading Logs that do not win weekly prizes will be part of the Grand Prize Drawing that happens at the end of the Summer Reading Program. Each branch will award one $100 gift card. Gift card varies by branch.