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What was MEMO Magazine?

MEMO Magazine was published by Hanley and Beatrice (Bee) Marks and printed by Case Thompson, Inc. The publishers state it was distributed to 7000 families. Special Collections Library is the only holder of this publication.

The magazine started out strictly about Albuquerque and the happenings within the City. By the October 1961, the magazine shifted to shopping articles in the same manner as the Shopping Notes

Hanley Marks was a long established portrait photographer. Bee was a well-known radio personality. It is unclear why MEMO stopped publication.


How Can I Use MEMO Magazine?

The index below is a searchable .pdf that points researchers to organizations, businesses, and individuals featured in the 18 issues that were published. Use the index to identify the issue you would like to view.

To view an issue of MEMO Magazine online, select the appropriate date range from the menu, then click on the date for the issue. This will take you to the correct issue via New Mexico Digital Collections.

The print issues for MEMO Magazine are only available at Special Collections.


MEMO Magazine Index

A guide to using this index:

This considerably smaller index includes just under 900 lines of data in 38 pages. The search tool for the .pdf document enables researchers to maneuver through multiple entries over multiple issues.

Labeling individual issues and pages: MEMO Magazine was published monthly, although we are missing some issues. We have chosen to identify each issue using a yyyy-mm. The May 1961 issue is thus labeled 1961-05. The indexing begins with the first page of text as page 1. At the end of the numbered pages are the cover, inside front cover (ifc), inside back cover (ibc) and back cover (bc). The page numbers are listed this way in the index. The pagination differs slightly in the later issues, but the index follows the numbering in the magazine.

Name Search: It would be best to search by last name only, especially with women. Women are more frequently only referred to by their married name, i.e. Mrs. John Doe.

When a family is mentioned it would be referred to as “the John Does”. The index will list the husband’s name only in this case.

Business Names: All businesses are listed as they are in the City Directory. This is despite how it is listed in MEMO.

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