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Note: You do not need a Google account to view the courses. If you want to track your progress or resume a course from where you left off you can log in with your Google account to do so.

Gmail Account

Do you need to create a
Gmail account?

To sign up for Gmail, create a Google Account. You can use the username and password to sign in to Gmail and other Google products like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.

  1. Go to the Google Account creation page.
  2. Follow the steps on the screen to set up your account.
  3. Use the account you created to sign in to Gmail.

Google JobSearch

Use Google Search
and find your next Job
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Google Search brings together job postings from across the web so you can more easily connect to your next job. Google Search organizes job postings from across the web in an easy-to-digest way so you can find job opportunities that are right for you. 


Job Search for Veterans
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If you’re one of the 250,000 service members who transition out of the military every year, you know one of the toughest parts of the transition to civilian life is a search for a job that takes advantage of the skills you’ve gained while serving.

To help with your transition, you can search 'jobs for veterans' on Google and then enter your military occupational speciality code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) to see relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in your military role. You read that correctly. Google has developed algorithms designed to help military job seekers get search results targeted specifically for them.


Applied Digital Skills from Google

Applied Digital Skills is a free curriculum where students use Google provided courses to practice life and job skills by building creative projects. The project-based curriculum has been designed for middle school students, high school students, and adults who want to learn digital skills in a blended learning environment.
The courses below are a selection from their full offering that we feel would be a good start for adult and continuing learners that want to become familiar with the services Google has to offer. Click on one to get started!

Google 1

Grow With Google en Espanol

Grow With Google en Español - Herramientas para capacitación digital

Grow With Google's Habilidades Digitales Aplicadas, ayuda a desarrollar habilidades digitales cruciales para prosperar en el trabajo, por medio de lecciones gratuitas basadas en video.


Reloj videos para guiarte a través de la capacitación basada en actividades


Google 2