About Us


Library Cards and Borrowing - We know you value your library card.  Library card ownership is also a responsibility.  Take good care of your account to ensure access to the Library for years to come.

Building Use Rules - The goal of the ABQ-BERNCO Library is provide welcoming and safe facilities that are conducive to enjoying Library services, programs, and reading.

Children Visiting the Library - The ABQ-BERNCO Library is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for families and children.

Computer Use and Rules - Internet resources and public access computers are available to all ABQ-BERNCO Library customers.  Our goal is to provide access to information online to as many customers as possible. 

Donation of Books and Other Materials - The ABQ-BERNCO Library appreciates the generosity of those who wish to donate books and other materials.

Mis-Returned Materials - Many items returned to the library belong to other libraries or agencies.  We have agreements with some agencies to return materials on an irregular basis.

Meeting Room Policy and Rules - Meeting rooms are available to the public for noncommercial use when they are not being used by the ABQ-BERNCO Library.  Library card holders may reserve rooms according to guidelines set forth in the Meeting Room Policies and Rules.

Privacy Policy - The ABQ-BERNCO Library follows the provisions of the New Mexico Statues Annotated (NMSA) Library Privacy Act.  Additionally, the Library is bound by the USA Patriot Act.

Facebook and Social Media Disclaimer - The ABQ-BERNCO Library participates in social media through Facebook and other sites.  We ask those who interact with us to keep our presence family friendly.

Geocaching Guidelines - ABQ-BERNCO Library allows geocaching at all 18 branches as long as it adheres to our Geocaching Guidelines.

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