About Us


Library Cards and Borrowing - We know you value your library card.  Library card ownership is also a responsibility.  Take good care of your account to ensure access to the Library for years to come.

Building Use Rules - The goal of the ABQ-BernCo Library is provide welcoming and safe facilities that are conducive to enjoying Library services, programs, and reading.

Children Visiting the Library - The ABQ-BernCo Library is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for families and children.

Computer Use and Rules - Internet resources and public access computers are available to all ABQ-BernCo Library customers.  Our goal is to provide access to information online to as many customers as possible. 

Donation of Books and Other Materials - The ABQ-BernCo Library appreciates the generosity of those who wish to donate books and other materials.

Mis-Returned Materials - Many items returned to the library belong to other libraries or agencies.  We have agreements with some agencies to return materials on an irregular basis.

Meeting Room Policy and Rules - Meeting rooms are available to the public for noncommercial use when they are not being used by the ABC Library.  Library card holders may reserve rooms according to guidelines set forth in the Meeting Room Policies and Rules.

Privacy Policy - The ABQ-BernCo Library follows the provisions of the New Mexico Statues Annotated (NMSA) Library Privacy Act.  Additionally, the Library is bound by the USA Patriot Act.

Facebook and Social Media Disclaimer - The ABQ-BernCo Library participates in social media through Facebook and other sites.  We ask those who interact with us to keep our presence family friendly.

Geocaching Guidelines - With all 17 locations, the ABC Library allows geocaching that observes our Geocaching Guidelines.

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