Wireless (WiFi) Access

Learn about WiFi at the library.

Wireless/Computer Use Rules

Wireless/Computer Use Rules

  • All library branches provide free wireless service with a valid library card in good standing. There is no guarantee that customers will be able to make a wireless connection.
  • The Library's wireless network is not secure. The Library is not responsible for damage or lost data resulting from connection to the Public Library's network.
  • Users of the Library’s wireless connection must comply with the Library’s Computer Use Policy prohibiting illegal or pornographic sites.
  • Customers must comply with applicable copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  • Individuals are responsible for their own equipment. Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance.
  • Electrical outlets may be used for customer owned computing devices. Such use may not restrict any library service or present a safety hazard.
  • All existing laws and City policies apply to conduct when accessing the City owned wireless connections. Unauthorized access to the Library's computers, databases, network, hardware or software settings is prohibited. Damage to computer resources also is prohibited.
  • The Library and the City of Albuquerque shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with use of the Library's Internet and wireless connections.



Can anyone use the service?

If you have a laptop computer or a portable media player with wireless interface (WiFi), you can use the wireless system at the library.

What do I need to access the wireless network?

You need a laptop with a wireless Network Interface Card (NIC), or a portable media player with wireless interface. Wireless access uses the Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11 a, b, g, or n. After you purchase the card, follow the manufacturer's instructions to install it on your computer or device.

Can the library staff help me configure my computer/device?

The Library staff cannot assist you with your laptop, device, card or configuration. Library staff cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment.

Can I print while using wireless?

Printing is not available. You may want to save your work to a USB Flash Drive, diskette, or email files to yourself.

Am I allowed to use my device speakers?

Please use headphones when accessing Internet content with sound (e.g., Internet radio, movie previews). The Library does not provide headphones.