For eggs, meat, bug control or as pets, chickens and other poultry may be kept on even a small plot of land

Mini-Farming - Keeping Chickens & other Poultry

Keeping Chickens & Other Poultry

With planning and care, you can raise chickens on even the smallest urban plots.

Besides egg and meat production, many gardeners and farmers value chickens for the help they provide -- chickens make short work of weed sprouts and insects on any land they range. Hand-raised chickens are also good pets.

Keeping urban chickens is easier than ever before, with many companies offering a variety of all-in-one chicken coops.

The "chicken tractor", a mobile coop and enclosure, keeps chickens safe and confined while periodically allowing them new areas to range. The "tractor" leaves tilled soil behind it -- the chickens scratch and turn the soil and enrich it with their droppings.