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Mini-Farming - Beekeeping


Bees are vital to food production as they pollinate our crops. The humble honeybee is in danger -- several waves of die-offs have greatly reduced bee populations.

Beekeeping may be practiced on even the smallest plot of land, connecting you with nature and rewarding you with better crop yields and tasty local honey.

There is increasing interest in top-bar beekeeping, a very old technique that is generating grassroots "buzz". In contrast to the classic box hive (known as the "Langstroth" design) that is engineered for commercial honey production, top-bar hives encourage bees to maintain colonies the way they would in the wild and are easier and less expensive to construct in a variety of configurations. Top-bar hives lend themselves well to urban areas -- chances are that some of your neighbors host a hive or two, enriching the pollination of the whole neighborhood.

Beekeeping Handbooks

Beekeeping Handbooks


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