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On Reading Aloud

Reading out loud is a great way to encourage literacy and have fun with your kids at the same time. It will give them happy experiences with books, and let them see that you -- their great role models -- love to spend time reading with them.

So, how do you choose which books to share?

There's no perfect formula. If your child is the type of child who loves to sit on your lap, night after night, and hear long stories, then go with it. If you're both happy, then you'll have made a great memory, and the book will be special to both of you forever. If your child is squirming after five minutes, then look for short books with a lot of opportunities for interaction. If your child doesn't like make-believe, try some non-fiction... there are enough factual books published for small children -- on subjects ranging from astronauts to zoo animals -- to keep your little fact-seeker happy.

The important thing is to find the books that "click" and remember that it can take some time to get a child in the routine of reading.

In the booklists, click through to be open a window in Classic Catalog. From there, you can place a hold, search for other items with the same subject, or use the Novelist recommendations (book covers) to find other great read-alouds.


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