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About Composting


Composting can be done at every scale, from a few kitchen scraps up to large amounts of agricultural "waste."

Composting saves biomass out of the trash stream and the landfill (up to 40% of household trash is compostable) and turns it into the perfect soil amendment, full of nutrients and with high moisture retention.

Composting can be done in many ways, from the traditional "pile" to commercial bins that may even be used indoors.

How Compost Can Benefit Your Soil

  • Compost increases organic matter in soils.
  • Compost builds sound root structure.
  • Compost makes clay soils airy so they can drain.
  • Compost gives sandy soils body to hold moisture.
  • Compost attracts and feeds earthworms.
  • Compost balances pH (acidity/alkalinity) of soil.
  • Compost reduces water demands of plants and trees.
  • Compost helps control soil erosion.
  • Compost lessens plant stress from drought and freezes.
  • Compost can extend the growing season.
  • Compost improves vitamin and mineral content in food grown in compost-rich soils.
  • Compost generously applied reduces reliance upon petroleum-based fertilizers.

from Backyard Composting by Harmonious Technologies

Composting Handbooks

Composting Handbooks

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