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Many actors have portrayed Sherlock Holmes on radio, stage, screen, and television.

Basil Rathbone (with Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson) portrayed Holmes in 14 films between 1939 and 1946 and remains for many people the image of Holmes, not only because Rathbone was a fine actor but also due to his similarity to the illustrations of Holmes that accompanied the original Strand magazine publication of the stories.

Hammer Films favorite Peter Cushing portrayed Holmes, with Christopher Lee as Sir Henry Baskerville.

Jeremy Brett became the definitive Holmes for another generation after his portrayal of The Great Detective in 41 episodes of a series for Granada Television.

Rupert Everett portrayed Holmes in a BBC/WGBH venture.

Robert Downey Jr. (with the help of director Guy Ritchie) put a new spin on Holmes in the 2009 film, showing him as far more physical and earthy than Arthur Conan Doyle ever described.

And Benedict Cumberbatch brings Holmes up-to-date in the internet age for the BBC series.

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