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Pronunciator is an online language-learning service that includes 163 different languages for beginners and advanced learners, kids and adults. This includes ESL courses in 143 non-English languages. Pronunciator offers a truly personalized and customized language learning experience!
o 163 languages to learn (plus ASL and ESL)
o Localized in 143 languages
o American Sign Language course with 20,000 instructional videos
o World’s largest instructional content
o Quality human voices, translations and video
o Daily lessons and quizzes: Interactive audiovisual lessons, with quizzes, for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners each day
o COVID-19 language course: Teaches essential vocabulary for 101 languages (and in 90 home languages) relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic
o Personalized Language Courses. This innovative new approach lets patrons customize their learning experience based on their interests, their occupation (any of 60!), their learning goals, age, available time, and more. Each custom course features a bespoke PDF study guide and even personalized audio lessons. We offer personalized courses in any of 160 languages, including American Sign Language.
o Video Phrases: We've been adding hundreds of thousands of video clips so your learners can see native speakers clearly speaking each instructional phrase (including slow motion and a cool Video Comparison feature). It's the closest thing to how we actually learn language as children. Currently, 28 languages have video phrases.
o Audio lessons: Over the past year, we have expanded our collection of audio lessons to include over 11,000,000 files (600+ calendar years of audio!), making it by far the largest in the world. And each lesson is available narrated in 140 different languages.

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