Purchase Request FAQs: Overview

Purchase Request FAQs

Purchase Request FAQs

We consider purchasing all titles suggested through our Suggest a Purchase form, but we cannot guarantee that they will be purchased.

The Public Library Albuquerque and Bernalillo County collects materials in a variety of popular formats which support the information needs of a metropolitan population. The collection also serves the popular and recreational needs of the general public and reflects the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of the community.

As a Library system we attempt to purchase all requested titles. Typically we are only able to acquire traditionally published titles. Self-published titles are often not titles we can acquire.


What is a traditionally published book?

A traditionally published book is selected by a publisher through a competitive submission process. The author usually doesn't pay for the book to be published. If the book was traditionally published and is still current, we will attempt to purchase it from our vendors. Note: Books from very small presses are not always available from our vendors.

What is Out of Print?

After a number of years on the market a publisher will typically decide a title is no longer selling well enough to keep in print. These titles go into an "out of print" status. They may still be able available on an Amazon market or from a used book vendor, but we can no longer acquire them.

What is a self-published book?

A self-published book is one that an author has paid to have published. Examples of self-publishing platforms include: CreateSpace, Amazon/Kindle Direct, Xlibris, Book Baby, Author House, iUniverse, etc. 

Do you purchase self-published books?

Self-published titles are frequently hard for us to purchase. We do investigate and confirm whether these titles are available from our vendors. For self-published titles, this is rarely the case. Purchasing restrictions prevent the Library from ordering titles directly from Amazon.

Do you accept self-published books from local authors?

Yes, if the author is a New Mexico resident and the book is professionally bound (not stapled or spiral bound) and was self-published within the last 3 years. We ask that the author donate 3 copies for it to be added to the collection (3 copies only, please). The author can drop the 3 copies off at any branch library. The books will then be cataloged and processed as time allows. This can take many weeks. 

Ebook Requests. 

We can only purchase Ebooks that are available through Overdrive. Self-published books are rarely available from these vendors. 

What about DVDs?

DVDs are one of the many formats we purchase. As with books, if a DVD is professionally produced and available from our vendors, we will attempt to purchase it. 

DVDs go out of print just like books. For instance, Disney will often put titles "in the vault"; that is, withdraw titles from the market for several years at a time to re-release later in anniversary or special editions. The Public Library is unable to purchase DVD titles that are in the vault or DVDs that have not yet been scheduled for release by the distributor. If a film is still playing in the theaters, we cannot purchase it until the DVD becomes available from our vendors.

What about ‚ÄčTV on DVD?

We will attempt to purchase TV on DVD. We are unable to purchase TV programs if the network or streaming service (for example, HBO or Netflix) chooses not to release the program in DVD format.

How will I know if the title I requested was purchased?

Please check back to see if the title you requested was purchased. It typically takes 6-8 weeks for titles that get requested to be purchased, processed, and sent out to the library branches.