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News outlet codes of ethics and standards

News outlet codes of ethics and standards

One of the ways in which a news source demonstrates its authenticity and responsibility to its readers is through a publicly accessible code of ethics or standards.  A sample of various codes, mission statements and ethics handbooks are listed below.

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Media Bias Chart

Take a realistic look at Media Bias

The chart below is a fascinating and important Media Bias Chart based on real information, using data pulled with scientific process and journalistic integrity this chart may help you visualize partisanship, bias, and credibility across the news spectrum. If you would like your media to inform you, but not affirm or influence this may provide valuable insight.

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Media Bias Chart - retrieved from https://www.adfontesmedia.com/

Please visit the author's site: Ad Fontes Media to learn more.

Fake news in the news

Fake news in the news

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