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Crafts and Activities to Do at Home!

Cindy is here to teach you about food preservation and the ways to do it!

Check out these additional resources:

NMSU Extension: Food Preservation

Bernalillo County Extension

Canning in the Classic Catalog

Everybody's favorite puppets are off to the fair!

Learn how to make a delicious cup of golden milk!

Create unique family art using Tissue paper! Fun and easy for the whole family, there are limitless options

for what kind of masterpiece you can create! So gather the family for a creative craft! This program is

funded by the Friends of the Public Library. For all ages.

Come and learn the ancient art of Chainmaille weaving and make a bracelet! This program is funded by

the Friends of the Public Library. For all ages.

Learn how to create a unique art piece for your wall using unwanted CD cases! This program is funded by

the Friends of the Public Library. For ages 13-17.

Make a delicious no-bake treat for your canine friend! This program is funded by the Friends of the Public Library. For all ages.

Create a sweet painting to display or give as a gift to the animal lover in your life! Materials:

Thick paper like cardstock or watercolor paper, non-toxic water soluble paint, brushes, water, furry friend


Create bookmarks worthy of envy using watercolor paints and an imagination bounded only by the universe!

This program is funded by the Friends of the Public Library. For ages 13-17.

Claire is here to help you create a colorful, mythical creature out of discarded toilet tubes and other craft materials!

This program is funded by the Friends of the Public Library. For ages 9-12.

This tie-dye activity is a colorful, D.I.Y, low-cost, trendy, totally rad activity to up your game for gift giving.

Try out a new tasty vegan and gluten free dish! Ingredients and instructions here

Want to learn some line dances? Join Ms. Nichole for some simple, fun dances!

Learn about using air pressure to move an object, incorporating discussions on motion, friction and

Newton’s laws of Motion!

Crystal is here to show you how to make some super fun and cute corner bookmarks!

Get some tips for your next creative writing project!

Anna is here to teach you the basics of cross stitching!
The template is available for download here:

Magic 8 Balls were all the rage in the 80s and 90s. Relive the nostalgia or use one for the first time by

creating your own funky, magic fortune jar. PDF:

Utilizing the same technologies that wind turbines use, build a homopolar motor (a DC electric motor within

a magnetic field) out of an earth magnet, a battery (AA) and copper wire! PDF can be found here.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get arty.” ~ Diane Kresh, library director at Arlington Public Library (APL), VA PDF

Learn how to make your own 'zine with Shana!


Try some Impressionist-style watercolors with washable markers and water!

PDF template:

Can you create a building that will survive an Earthquake? Test your design skills by making an earthquake

simulator using building blocks! 

Link: and


Using found rocks and magazine or printed word cutouts, create an inspiring or motivational message to

use as a paper weight or desk décor while you study or work from home.


Watch a five-minute mindfulness meditation that will focus on the breath and on two senses, hearing and

touch, encouraging participants to pay attention to their breathing and to what they hear and feel during the meditation.

Link: and


Ukulele Lessons with Brandon - If you've ever wanted to learn the ukulele, you're in luck! Take a lesson

on how to playwith Brandon. And, don't forget you can check out ukuleles at the Public Library!


Nordic Noir: The Cold Side of Crime and Mystery Novels - A very brief history of Nordic Noir. Then an

investigation of how 4 countries with the most equitable standard of living, lowest crime rates, and happiest

life outlook is also the source of the mystery genre's darkest, most violent, and downright creepy thriller creations.


Crafty Time - Yarn Dolls! Learn how to make traditional yarn dolls with materials that you already have.

These delightful dollies make great gifts and are perfect toys for you and your child to craft together.

Once you make one, you just can't stop!


Ice Chalk - A Frozen Sidewalk Art Project! Ice chalk is a fun way to take your sidewalk art game to the next level!

Sidewalk chalk is cool but ice chalk is even cooler, literally! Start in the kitchen concocting your chalk paintsicles, then,

when they're ready, head outside and get to painting your pavement!


Prepare a Winter Garden! Would you like to grow greens throughout the winter months? This video provides

a quick overview on how you can get started this Fall in growing greens either indoors or outside.

Link: and


Family History for Children! History lives in every family, but children are notoriously uninterested names

and dates and documents. How do you start teaching children and grandchildren about their family history?

Learn to use artifacts, photos, and bedtime stories to make family history fun!