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  • Composting & Mulching: Turn kitchen scraps and yard "waste" into rich soil amendments.
  • Mini-farming: Urban homesteading, backyard farming, small-scale farming, urban farming, backyard homesteads -- getting the most out of your land.
  • Xeriscaping: Waterwise gardening, drought-tolerant landscaping, rainwater harvesting, dry climate gardens, irrigation systems, greywater use.

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ABQ-BERNCO Seed Library

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The ABQ-BERNCO Seed Library was established in 2014 and has as its mission to encourage a community of water-wise gardeners and seed savers. In line with the Public Library mission, we aim to provide the access, tools, and skills to enable all Albuquerque citizens to participate in this community. We provide free seed to all card holders and offer free programs to foster all levels of gardeners through growing, harvesting, and seed saving—all within our unique high desert environment. 

Seed saving is an ancient and important skill. It allows us to develop stronger seeds that are better adapted to our high desert climate, increase seed diversity, and play a vital role in local food production.

The ABQ-BERNCO Seed Library is housed at the Juan Tabo Branch. Contact us at juantabo@cabq.gov or 291-6260.

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