U.S. Major Dailies: Overview

Included Databases

U.S. Major Dailies

Access articles from these major U. S. daily newspapers free with your library card!

U.S. Major Dailies provides access to the five most respected U.S. national and regional newspapers, including The New York Times and Washington Post, co-exclusive access to The Wall Street Journal, and exclusive access to Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. The titles offer researchers thorough and timely coverage of local, regional, and world events with journalistic balance and perspective. The content is available by 8am each day and provides archives stretching as far back as 1985. This database is available on the ProQuest platform.

Coverage: 1980 - current

Searching Tips

Looking for one particular subject? Or want to search a broad subject like History? You can focus your searches by limiting them to specific databases or subjects. You can change your database selections on the Select Databases page. Select the databases you want to search, then click Use selected databases. Select or deselect all databases at one time by checking or unchecking the check box at the top of the database list. 

On the Select Databases page, items in your database list are available in either Brief view or Detailed view. Click the links above the list to switch between the views.

Select View by name to view an alphabetical list of all available databases. 

View by subject shows the databases related to that subject. Select View by subject. Find your subject of interest in the list, for instance The Arts databases, and then click Search The Arts subject area. Within any subject area, you’ll find only databases relating to that particular subject area. Some databases may be found in multiple subject areas.

Create a search that is as precise as you need it to be.

  1. In the first row, enter one or more words in the box.
    Following the box is a dropdown of search fields. Search fields are discrete bits of indexed information—such as Author, Document title, or Subject heading—about individual documents.
  2. Select from the list, or accept the default Anywhere.
  3. Click Search.
    ProQuest will search for your word(s) in the selected search fields.

With Anywhere selected, ProQuest looks for your words (search terms)  in all fields—including any available abstract or full text—of all documents in all selected databases.

  • Broaden your search - separate your search terms with OR.
  • Narrow your search - separate your search terms with AND.
    Note: By default, ProQuest assumes an AND relationship between your search terms.
  • Advanced Search - look for terms in specific fields used to index documents in ProQuest.
  • Target your search more precisely - move your cursor over the Advanced Search link to display a menu offering both Advanced Search, and Command Line.
  • Publication Search - browse issues of a newspaper, journal, or magazine -- or search for articles in a specific publications.
  • Phrase searching - look for phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks, for example, "healthy eating".
  • Word variants - to retrieve only a particular variant of a word, such as colour but not color, enter the word in quotation marks in the search box, for example: "colour".
  • Limit your search - select available limiter check boxes such as Full text or Peer-reviewed to focus your search.
  • ProQuest ignores punctuation characters — such as periods, commas, and colons — in your search terms
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