Kindle Fire tablets at the Library

Your guide to borrowing and using a Kindle Fire HD6 tablet from the library.

Borrow a Kindle Fire Tablet!

Want to try out a tablet before you buy one?

The Public Library offers Kindle Fire tablets for check out for you to try out new technology and the library's downloadable collections.

Borrow a Kindle Fire tablet from the
Public Library! 

How It works

How It Works

  • Place a hold and check out a Kindle Fire tablet from your local Public Library branch
  • Tablets check out for three weeks.
  • Tablets may be renewed, so long as no one else is waiting for one.
  • Be sure to check out and return the tablets at the Circulation Desk.
  • The tablet is blank when you check it out.
  • Don't have an internet connection at home? You can use the Library's WiFi (or also check out a Hotspot!).
  • Need help getting started? The tablets come with a Quick Start Guide.
  • We also have detailed instructions and printable brochures; staff is here to help. 
  • Please factory reset the tablet and charge the device before returning it.
    • Resetting your device will remove all content downloaded to it. Any content that is already saved to the Cloud will remain in the Cloud. You can download that content again if you register a device to your Amazon account again.
  • Preview the Kindle Tablet Borrowers Agreement.
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