Digital Media

Get Started

Get Started with RBdigital on your desktop

  1. Go to the Library's RBdigital page.
  2. Create an account with a current email address. Click on the Register link located in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Enter your Public Library card number, choose a User Name and Password, enter your name, email address, and zip code, then click Register. For more information about registering, click here.
  4. Click the Sign In link located in the upper right hand corner to access your newly-created account.
  5. Once logged in, find titles in the magazine section.

Audiobooks & Magazines


Browse and check out magazines
  1. Log in to RBdigital account using your email and password.
  2. View magazines on the welcome screen. Click on the cover of the magazine to view the current issue. For more details and to view previous issues available for checkout scroll down and click All Issues.
  3. Click the Checkout button to check it out. A dialog box will appear with a message to confirm. To start reading in the browser, select the Start Reading, or choose Keep Browsing

Read your magazines online
  1. Return to the Public Library’s RBdigital Magazines.
  2. Click Log In at the top of the screen and enter your email and password. Click Log in.
  3. Click on the menu icon in the upper-right corner, then click Checked Out at the top of the page to view the magazines you have checked out.
  4. Click on the magazine cover to open, then click the green button to Read!

To navigate forward and back in the magazine, selecting the right edge will advance the pages, and selecting the left edge will reverse. Additional controls and options are on the left side of the page and available from the right click menu.

Read your magazines offline with the RBdigital app
Return checked-out magazines

Magazines do not expire, and Public Library customers can check out as many as they would like. Removing or returning magazines is not required, though you may want to delete them to free up space on your mobile device. To remove magazine issues from your account:

  1. Click on the menu icon in the upper-right corner, then click Checked Out. Click the Return button adjacent to the title/issue that you would like to remove.

Printing is available when reading a magazine on desktop. Options are determined by the publisher of the individual magazine; users may be permitted to print a single page, a range, or none at all.

  1. In your RBdigital account, click on the menu icon in the upper-right corner, then click Checked Out and select the magazine you wish to print from.
  2. Go to the page you wish to print.
  3. Click the Print icon from the tools on the left of the page.


Do you need an RBdigital account?
Follow the easy steps in the PDF below on your computer or mobile device.


Accessibility Features

RBdigital works with third-party accessibility software and readers on mobile and desktop platforms, including VoiceOver, TalkBack, JAWS, NVDA, and Windows Narrator. 

The website features an accessibility toolbar with the following features:

  • Reader—allows end-users to customize the visual display of the page by changing text/background color and contrast, fonts, and magnifying text as needed
  • Player—users can listen to web content read aloud via a built-in player and text-to-speech functionality which is not dependent on third party accessibility tools
  • Site Menu—simplifies and optimizes the site menu for keyboard users and individuals with cognitive disabilities
  • Page Elements Menu—built-in keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate the webpage
  • Settings—allows users to customize settings to meet their individual preferences
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