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Download the CloudLibrary App for your device

Download Software, Log in!

  1. Download the CloudLibrary software. System requirements are listed on the download page, which will open in a new window.
  2. Open the software to set it up for your initial use (should only have to do this once if on a personal computer that you do not have to share). Answer each field!
  3. Select State/County--pick NM from the menu.
  4. Select Library--"Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library"
  5. Library-ID/Username--enter your 14-digit ABQ-BernCo Library card number.
  6. Password--this is your 4-digit PIN
  7. Click the Login button.

Adobe Authentication

After logging in, the CloudLibrary will ask a question about Adobe Digital Editions, software from Adobe that manages digital-rights protected content. If you have

  1. Used Adobe Digital Editions on your computer before, the system will want to use the Adobe ID associated with the software. Say Yes.
  2. Have not used Adobe Digital Editions on the computer before? You should be asked to set an Adobe ID or be asked if you wish to use a system-generated ID.

Tutorial Videos

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Need Help?


The CloudLibrary Support page has answers to many common questions.

CloudLibrary by bibliotheca works with a huge range of eReading devices, with new devices being added all the time.The full list is here

Instructions and Software Download

Software Downloads

Mobile Devices
Download the app from the app store of your device by searching "CloudLibrary" or use the links below.

Adobe Digital Editions Download

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