Code Club: Overview

Coding Club Description

code club

Noun. \ˈkōd\ \ˈkləb\
The magical time of the week when friends get together in their school or library to learn how to make computers do what they tell them to do.


Does your child love video games? Would you rather have them learning useful skills and exercising their mind? Sign them up for Code Club! We meet every other week at one of our branches and learn how to program computers. Youth will love being able to create their own video games and  websites, and in the process they will gain useful technology skills!

Code Club Locations

Participating Libraries 

Juan Tabo Library, 291-6260
4th Thursday of the month

Main Library, 768-5136
1st Tuesday of the month


Upcoming Events






"I think everyone could benefit from learning how to write even some basic code. Even if you don’t use it in your day-to-day life, computer science forces you to think abstractly and solve concrete problems." -- @BillGates
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