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Requesting a hold

Requesting Holds

To place holds on library materials, you can either search for the item or log in to your account first.

You may place multiple holds for pickup at the same location by using the Bookcart feature.

Search and find the item that you would like to place a hold on. Select the Place Hold place hold buttonbutton by the item in your search results or on the item record page. If not already logged in to My Account, enter library card number and PIN into the authentication page, and then select the location where the book will be picked up. Your home library will be selected as the default when you select the arrow for dropdown, but any location may be selected. Click Submit to finish requesting the hold.

authenticate" hold confirmation

Freezing and Cancelling holds

Freezing or Cancelling a Hold

Freezing your hold allows you to move up in the line but not receive a hold if you are unavailable to pick the item up. If you reach the top of the waiting list and your hold is frozen, others below you in the waitlist will receive the item Once you unfreeze the item you will be next in line. Because there is not a waitlist for available items, you cannot freeze a hold for items that are available on the shelf at a branch, in transit, or already on a holdshelf for a customer.

To freeze your holds, log in to your library account. View Holds. Check the box by Freeze for the hold(s) that you would like to freeze. Then, choose Update List. Confirm your selection by selecting Yes.

update listTo unfreeze your holds log in to your library account and click to View Holds. Uncheck the box to the right of Freeze for the hold(s) that you would like to unfreeze. Then, choose Update List and confirm your selection by clicking Yes on the confirmation screen.

Canceling Holds

If you do not want a hold that you have placed, you can cancel the hold.

To cancel a single hold, simply check the box to the right of the held record in My Account and press UPDATE LIST. To cancel all holds on the account, click Cancel All. Confirm your selection by selectingYes on the confirmation screen.

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