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What does this mean for LinkedIn Learning users?

Our resource has merged with its parent company LinkedIn and is becoming part of LinkedIn Learning.

With LinkedIn Learning, you will receive more personalized recommendations for content, suggested courses and learning paths that are more closely aligned with your career goals, and educational interests, and all is still free. Just log in to the updated resource with your library card and PIN to continue learning where you left off.

In addition, users will now have access to the following features in LinkedIn Learning:

  • Over 16,000 courses in 7 different languages
  • An updated, easier-to-use interface
  • Their previous course history from
  • Authentication/log in via library card and PIN without the need for a LinkedIn profile

No user data will be passed from public LinkedIn profiles back to the Public Library.

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New FAQs

  • Is Learning content different than content?

Patrons now have access to our entire library of over 16,000 courses. Please note that with LyndaLibrary, patrons only had access to 7000 English courses. LinkedIn Learning for Library includes courses in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese. We’ll continue to invest in delivering high-quality, expert-led courses that engage learners.

  • Will my patron history migrate over to LinkedIn Learning, or will I need two separate accounts for and LinkedIn Learning?

When the upgrade is complete, your patron history will be in your new LinkedIn Learning for Library account under your existing library card number and PIN.

  • Will you notify me before the to LinkedIn Learning upgrade happens, and do I need to do anything to get this upgrade?

We are committed to making sure our patrons have all the information they need for a positive upgrade experience. Nothing will be required of you prior to the upgrade.

  • What if I lose my library card

After you've activated your patron account with your existing library card number and PIN, you'll be able to access your Learning account and history, even if you don’t have the physical card.

If you lose your library card and are issued a new number from your library, your previous learning history won’t be available under the new library card number and PIN.

  • I can’t remember my library card number or PIN, and am unable to login to LinkedIn Learning. What do I do?

In the event that you’ve forgotten your library card number and PIN, please reach out to your librarian for support. If you are issued a new library card number and PIN, please note that your learning history won’t transfer over.

  • Is a LinkedIn profile required to access LinkedIn Learning for Library?

No, patrons only need a library card number and PIN to access content.

Note: If you change your library card number, your learning history won’t be accessible.

  • Does anything appear on my LinkedIn profile when I start or complete a course?

No, nothing will appear on your profile unless you proactively share an update on it.

  • What can I expect on the day of my upgrade?

On the day of your scheduled upgrade, you won’t be able to access your profile. Once your upgrade is complete, you can access LinkedIn Learning URL from the library website to activate your new account.

  • What kind of data will my library see about my learning activity?

Protecting our patron’s privacy is of the utmost importance, and with LinkedIn Learning for Libraries we continue to honor this. Patrons will only be required to login with their library card number and PIN and will not be identified in any other way.

Without identifying you, LinkedIn Learning will make your learning data and that of other library patrons available to your Library for reporting purposes at the aggregate level.

  • Will there be a mobile app?

Yes, we are working towards ensuring the LinkedIn Learning mobile application will also work for Library patrons. In the meantime, you will be able to explore all of our content through your mobile web browser.

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