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Finding Large Print

Finding large print items in Discovery

1.  Include the words "large print" in the text of a search string. Only items with that phrase in the catalog record will appear in the results list.



2.  Search for specific branch copy: To search for an item and pick up  at a certain branch, you can perform a search and narrow results using the Library Location filter on the left-hand side of the page. Using this approach, as shown below, you can find titles using a broad subject search and then filter for only large print titles at one or more branches.

The limitation of searching with a term (without the words "large print" included) and then using only the Library Location filter to search is that the number of locations and branch formats can be quite large. Several branches can be selected in the same filter, if you are willing to pick up at Juan Tabo or Lomas Tramway branches, as in the example below.


Scroll to Library Location filter on left-hand side of page and click the hyperlink Show More.


Use the Name hyperlink at the top of the list to sort alphabetically by name of library branch.


Choose branches where Large Print items are available, then click the Update button to view results


Tabbed Browsing Tips

Tabbed Browsing with Discovery

  • In Discovery, when clicking on an item in the result list, the browser will open the item listing in the same tab. Use the Result List hyperlink to return to search results after checking an item listing.

  • To open any hyperlink in a new tab or new window, use the right-hand button on the mouse and select that option.
  • Return to your search results by returning to the original  tab, since the new tab just opened to view the item will have no search history.

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