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Refine & Expand Results

Refine your search using limiters on the left side of the results page

Discovery is set up to search the Public Library catalog, which means it will return print books, eBooks, eAudiobooks, books on CD, DVDs, CDs, as well as print periodicals. Use the limiters (sometimes these are called "filters") on the left side of the page to narrow by Library Location, Subject, and more.


Keep in mind that these results can include Public Library catalog items, articles from online publications, article databases, and other library items. While many of the items are only a citation of an article or resource, our staff may be able to help you find the published instance of that resource. Items available online in a digital format can be viewed by limiting the search to Full Text Available Online and will be accessible with a library card.


Catalog Tip:
To search for a phrase, enclose the terms in quotation marks.

Library Location

Use the Library Location filter to find search by library or material type

Items listed in the catalog can be at any of our 19 branches and the Public Library has various collections that all items fall into. Discovery defaults to showing you results where branches with the largest number of items are at the top. You can see everything and find your favorite branch by using the popup box built into Library Location. To use this box, select Show More on the left side of the Results List to list all locations, then select locations with the check boxes.

Catalog Tip: Sort alphabetically by location name by clicking Name at the top of the popup box.

Example: Include only materials at Erna Fergusson related to your search by selecting all of the Erna Fergusson check boxes!

Find all Large Print books -- or another collection category -- at any branch for a specific title or keyword search, select Alamosa Large Print, Central & Unser Large Print, Cherry Hills Large Print, etc. until all branches are selected. Then press the Update button to see results!


Publication Types

Publication Type allows you to limit your search to Print books, Audio, eBooks, and other categories based on your results.



The Geography filter narrows results to the geographic subject headings assigned to titles within your results.


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