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Did you know? Your Public Library has its very own YouTube page, full of fun do-it-yourself crafts, story times, and more! Check it out!

Crafts and Activities to Do at Home!

Ukulele Lessons with Brandon - If you've ever wanted to learn the ukulele, you're in luck! Take a lesson

on how to playwith Brandon. And, don't forget you can check out ukuleles at the Public Library!


Nordic Noir: The Cold Side of Crime and Mystery Novels - A very brief history of Nordic Noir. Then an

investigation of how 4 countries with the most equitable standard of living, lowest crime rates, and happiest

life outlook is also the source of the mystery genre's darkest, most violent, and downright creepy thriller creations.


Crafty Time - Yarn Dolls! Learn how to make traditional yarn dolls with materials that you already have.

These delightful dollies make great gifts and are perfect toys for you and your child to craft together.

Once you make one, you just can't stop!


Ice Chalk - A Frozen Sidewalk Art Project! Ice chalk is a fun way to take your sidewalk art game to the next level!

Sidewalk chalk is cool but ice chalk is even cooler, literally! Start in the kitchen concocting your chalk paintsicles, then,

when they're ready, head outside and get to painting your pavement!


Prepare a Winter Garden! Would you like to grow greens throughout the winter months? This video provides

a quick overview on how you can get started this Fall in growing greens either indoors or outside.


Family History for Children! History lives in every family, but children are notoriously uninterested names

and dates and documents. How do you start teaching children and grandchildren about their family history?

Learn to use artifacts, photos, and bedtime stories to make family history fun!

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