Most* Libraries are now open. Hours have changed. See temporary hours here.
*Ernie Pyle, Special Collections and Alamosa remain closed temporarily.
Holds may be picked up and materials may be checked out and returned.
Computers and seating are temporarily not available. Please make your visit brief.
We encourage everyone who can to stay home and use our online digital resources.

Teacher & Educator Resources


BioPark Connect is a series of interactive educational resources for parents and teachers on the BioPark's plant and animal species. In this lesson, explore what makes a penguin unique and compare and contrast them with other bird species. Take a look at how penguins' bodies and behaviors are adapted for their unique life both on land and in the ocean.



Indigenous Wisdom is a free download of K–12 curriculum and includes several fun and engaging STEM activities (including cooking). The curriculum has easy-to-follow lesson plans for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, plus plenty of activities that can be done with common household items.



Latinx Book Review is a blog available via the National Hispanic Cultural Center Library. NHCC staff, volunteers and Book Club members review books written by Latinx authors of all genres.

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