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Las Manos No Son para Pegar

Bilingual version of the popular book about dealing with others and what to do with our hands in social situations and elsewhere. Simple words and warm, inviting full-color illustrations reinforce the underlying concepts: that violence is never okay, and kids can learn to manage their anger. The words tell -- and pictures show -- the many wonderful things kids can do with their hands instead of hitting.


Meet Janine. She is one of a kind! Janine dresses a little different, remembers random facts, reads the dictionary for fun, and has her own style of cheering. Janine focuses on the positive while navigating life with disabilities. She has become a role model to children and adults, encouraging them to focus on abilities and promoting respect, tolerance, and kindness.

All My Stripes

Zane rushes home to tell his mother about problems he faced during his school day, and she reminds him that while others may only see his "autism stripe," he has stripes for honesty, caring, and much more.

Zach Makes Mistakes

For Zach, a class field trip to the museum is about more than cool exhibits -- it's about learning from mistakes and dealing with embarrassment. First he forgets to wear his field trip shirt, then he forgets the rule about not touching displays. His teacher helps him see that everyone makes mistakes and how to use them to grow! In this book, Zach and readers learn a simple three-step process: Detect (find the reason for the mistake), Correct (fix the mistake if you can), and Reflect (think back about your mistake to find what you can learn from it).

Be Polite and Kind

When children are kind, courteous, and respectful, people enjoy being around them and reciprocate with the same behavior. This book helps kids understand the importance of showing politeness, speaking kindly, using basic courtesies ('please,' 'thank you,' 'excuse me'), and respecting the feelings of others. Scenarios and role-play activities help adults reinforce the book's lessons.

Mi Amigo Tiene Autismo

Celebrating tolerance and acceptance, each title in this constructive and accessible series focuses on the rewards and challenges of having a friend with a disability. Everyday situations are accompanied by informative sidebars that provide details about the highlighted disability.

Stand Tall!

Integrity is an important trait for children to develop - especially as they grow, learn, and have more opportunities to make choices for themselves. With this encouraging book, support children in knowing right from wrong, making positive decisions, keeping promises, and staying true to themselves.

Listen and Learn

Knowing how to listen is essential to learning, growing, and getting along with others. Simple words and inviting illustrations help children develop listening skills, understand why it's important to listen, and recognize the positive results of listening. Includes a note to teachers and parents, additional information for adults, and activities.

Armond Goes to a Party

Armond doesn't want to go to Felicia's birthday party because he knows they can be noisy, disorganized and smelly -- all things are hard for a kid with Asperger's. Worst of all is socializing with other kids. But with the support of Felicia and her mom, good friends who know how to help him, he not only gets through the party, but also has fun. When his mom picks him up, Armond admits the party was not easy, but he feels good that he faced the challenge- - and that he's a good friend.

Join in and Play

It's fun to make friends and play with others, but it's not always easy to do. You have to make an effort, and you have to know the rules -- like ask before joining in, take turns, play fair, and be a good sport. This book teaches the basics of cooperation, getting along, making friends, and being a friend. Includes ideas for games adults can use with kids to reinforce the skills being taught.

Tomas Loves...

Tomas is a little boy who loves trains, trampolines and his dog Flynn. He hates sudden noise, surprises and changes in routine. There are many things about Tomas that make him special and unique, but despite his differences he loves fun and friendship -- just like you. This beautifully illustrated, rhyming book is a perfect introduction to autism for young readers aged 2 and over, including children on the autism spectrum and their friends and siblings. In helping the reader get to know Tomas, the book encourages children to recognize what they have in common with him, not just what makes him different.

Be Positive!

A sense of optimism is a key ingredient to success in life. Guide young children to develop a positive outlook and discover how the choices they make can lead to feeling happy and capable. This friendly, encouraging book introduces preschool and primary-age children to ways of thinking and acting that will help them feel good about themselves and their lives, stay on course when things don't go their way, and contribute to other people's happiness, too.

Las Palabras No Son Para Lastimar

With gentle encouragement, these books guide children to think before speaking, to choose words that are helpful instead of hurtful, and to say "I'm sorry" when hurtful words come out before kids can stop them.

Animales, Amor, Amistad

What happens when a mother decides to work with her autistic child through art? This book is a great opportunity to know autism through the words of a mother and her child's creativity, which teaches us that, with love, all barriers can be overcome.



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