Sensory Friendly Hour

1 - A visit to the Tony Hillerman Library!

We are going to the Tony Hillerman Library.

A library is a place with lots of things to read and look at.

Main entrance to Tony Hillerman library

We will be here until:


If I have been to a library before, I may have borrowed things that I need to bring back.

Circulation desk with return window

If I do have things to bring back to the library, I can put these things in the return window.

If I am not bringing anything back to the library, I do not need to put anything in the return window.

Book return window


Other people appreciate it when I talk quietly in the library.

When I am in the library I will try to talk quietly.

Staff with fingers to lips to indicate library voices

The librarian does not want crumbs from food or spills from drinks in the library.

I will try not to bring food or drinks into the library.

It is usually safer to walk when I am in the library.

I will try to walk when I am in the library.

Staff walking queitly


I can use my words or signs to leave an activity if I need a break.

There are places I can go to take a break and have some quiet time.

The East Room has chairs and tables for quiet reading.

Study rooms and quiet reading space

The East Room also has two study rooms in the back corner.

Reading space


If I want to get a library card, first I need to fill out an application. Mom or Dad can help.

I need a library card if I want to borrow things from the library and take them home with me.

Clipboard with application for library card

I will take the application to the Library Cards Desk.

I will wait for my turn if other people are waiting in line.

Library card and information desk

Someone will ask me questions and type information into the computer.


Then I will get a library card.

I can use my library card to borrow things from the library and take them home with me.

Staff holding library card and checking out items


I can go to the bathroom.

There are bathrooms in the West Room. They are in the corner by the magazines.

Bathroom entrance in West Room of library

The signs tell me which way to go. Boys one way and girls the other.

Girls and boys bathroom signs


There are also bathrooms in the East Room.

Adult restroom entrance and large blue hanging sign

There are signs here. Kids and grownups and people in wheelchairs can use these bathrooms.

Bathroom signs for men and women

If I need a drink, I can use the drinking fountain.

Drinking fountains for adults and children


If I need help finding something, I can ask a librarian. Librarians like to help people find things in the library.

Sometimes the librarian is at the Information Desk in the middle of the library. Sometimes the librarian is walking around the library helping people.

Librarian waiting for questions at information desk


There are many things I can look at and touch in the library.

Library materials including book, cd, audiodisc on table

I can choose something to look at. I might decide to borrow it and take it home. If I don't want to borrow it, when I am done looking at it I can put it on the reshelving cart.

The librarians want to put the books back on the shelves. They like it when I leave the books on the cart and don't try to put the books back on the shelves myself.

Book cart for returns


Stories for kids are in the West Room.

West room general view

Magazines are against the wall. Magazines can have true stories or made up stories

The magazines in the binders have to stay at the library. I can borrow the other magazines if I want to.

Wall hanging display with magazines


Picture books are against the wall and on the low bookshelves near the wall.

Shelves of easy and beginning reader books

Picture books have lots of pictures and short stories, but sometimes they have hard words. Grown ups can read these books to kids.

Two picture books open on table

I can read books at the library or I can borrow them and take them home for a while.


The bookcase with the Beginning Reader books has a sign that says "JE Readers."

Beginning Reader books are helpful for people who are learning to read.

Bookshelves arranged with beginning reader books

Some Beginning Reader books have just a few words on each page and others have more words.

I can look at different books to see which ones I would like to read.

Beginning reader books open on table


Some books are on shelves and some books are on stands so I can see the front of the book.

Display of beginning reader books

I can take these books to look at them. The librarian put them out for people to look at.

Beginning reader books on display


The library has books written in Spanish.

Books written in Spanish have a red EspaƱol sticker on the side of the book.

Spanish books on shelves for checkout

The library also has books written in other languages.

Books in language other than English


The library has movies that I can borrow and watch at home.

Bookshelves with Cds and videos for checkout

The movie disc is in a case. The case keeps the disc from getting damaged accidentally.

I will leave the disc in the case until it is time to watch the movie.

Open jewel case with CD inside


There are audio books that I can listen to at home.

I can get a story recorded on CD discs or I can get a story recorded on a Playaway device.

Audiobooks on bookshelf

Open Playaway and disc on table

The story CDs and the Playaways are in cases. The cases keep things from getting damaged accidentally. I will leave these things in the cases until it is time to listen to the story.


There are chapter books with longer stories. Different books have different stories.

If I need help finding a story I like, I can ask a librarian for help.

Children's fiction shelves


There are books for high school kids. There are also some comics for high school kids. Sometimes they have scary stories in them.

Some people like scary stories and some people do not like scary stories.

Young adult books and reading area


There are places I can sit and read in the library. Sometimes other kids might be sitting in the reading nooks or at the tables.

Cubbies for reading quietly

Tables for reading quietly

I can share or take turns.


There are places I can play quietly in the library.

If other kids are playing, I can share or take turns.

Play area with plastic playhouse


Sometimes a librarian will read a story.

If I want to listen to the story, I should sit quietly on the story rug. If I am quiet I can hear the story.

Story carpet and several chairs

If I need to leave before the story is done I can.


The librarian will put out books to look at. The librarian will probably choose different books each time I come to the library.

Books on display that librarian has chosen

I can read the books at the library or I can borrow them and take them home.


Some true books for kids are in the West Room, but more true books are in the North Room. There are books for kids and books for grownups in the North Room

Bookshelves with nonfiction books for adults

If I need help finding a true book I can ask a librarian for help.


When it is time to leave, I will decide if I want to borrow anything and take it home with me.

I will take anything I want to borrow to the Library Cards Desk. I will wait for my turn. I will give the person at the desk my library card.

Items at circulation desk for checkout

They will check things out for me.  They will give me a piece of paper to remind me when to bring everything back to the library.

Receipt for items checked out


If someone takes something out of the library that is not checked out, there will be an alarm noise to remind them to come back and check it out.

When I finish my visit to the Tony Hillerman Library I will leave the library.

Exit gates at entrance to Tony Hillerman Library

I may be able to come back to the library some other day.


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