Sensory Friendly Hour

Slide 1 - A visit to the North Valley Library

We are going to the Rudolfo Anaya Library!




A library is a place with lots of things to read and look at.



Girl standing inside entrance with a doll



We will be there until:



Analog clock


Slide 2

If I have been to a library before, I may have borrowed items that I need to bring back.


Return books drop off window


If I have items to bring back to the library, I can put these in the book return window.


Slide 3

When I am in the library, I will talk quietly.

Staff with pointer finger to lips

I will not bring food or drinks into the library, except my bottle of water.

Staff walking quietly

It is safer to walk when I am in the library. I will always walk in the library. I will not run.

Slide 4

I need a library card if I want to borrow items from the library and take them home.


If I want to get a library card, first I need to fill out an application. Mom or Dad can help.


Library card application on clipboard


I will take the application to the Checkout Desk. I will wait my turn if other people are waiting in line.


Staff holding library card


When I get my library card, I can use it to borrow items from the library.


Slide 5

Books, audiobooks, magazines, comics, music and movies for kids are in the Children’s Room.

View of general reading area

View of children's reading area

Youth/Children magazine titles

Compact discs for children on table

Slide 6

Picture books are on the low bookshelves.


Girl selecting a picture book from shelf


Picture books have lots of pictures and short stories.


Open picture books on table


I can read books at the library or I can borrow them and take them home.


Slide 7

Beginning Reader books are helpful for people who are learning to read.

Some Beginning Reader books have just a few words on each page and others have more words.

I can look at different books to see which ones I would like to read.

Slide 8

There are chapter books with longer stories.

General view of chapter books on shelves

There are stories about many different things.

Open chapter book on table

Slide 9

There are books and comics for teens, too.


Young adult display and book stacks


Slide 10

There are places I can sit and read in the library.

Other kids might be sitting at the tables and chairs, too.

I can share.

Slide 11

I can go to the bathroom. There are bathrooms in the Children's Room.


Boys and girls bathrooms


The signs tell me which bathroom to use. Boys use one and girls use the other.


Signs for boys restroom and girls restroom Signs for boys restroom and girls restroom


If I need a drink of water, I can use the drinking fountain.


Girl at children's water fountain

Slide 12

There are places I can play quietly in the library

Children's room with rocking chairs and module

If other kids are playing I can share or take turns.

Slide 13

Sometimes, a librarian will read a story and we will sing and move our bodies.

If I want to listen to the story, I will sit quietly on the story rug. If I am quiet I can hear the story.

Story rug

If I need to leave before the story is done, I can.

Slide 14

I can use my words or signs to leave an activity if I need a break.


There are places I can go to take a break and have some quiet time.


Girl on bench Parachute resting space for children


The Children’s Room has chairs and tables for quiet reading.


Slide 15

If I need help finding something, I can ask a librarian.


Staff at computer looking helpful


Librarians like to help people find things in the library.

Slide 16

When it is time to leave, I will decide if I want to borrow something and take it home with me.

I will take what I want to borrow to the Checkout Desk. I will wait for my turn. I will give the person at the desk my library card.

Customer handing library card to library staff member at checkout desk

They will check my items out for me. They will give me a piece of paper to remind me when to bring everything back to the library.

Slide 17

If someone takes something out of the library that is not checked out, there will be an alarm noise to remind them to come back and check it out.


When I finish my visit to the Rudolfo Anaya Library, I will leave the library.



I can come back to the library another day.



Waving goodbye near gates at entrance to library





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