Sensory Friendly Hour

Community Resources

Community Resources

New Mexico Autism Society

NMSA Autism Resources

Autism Society (a national organization)

APS - Autism Specific Programs - Emerging Communication: Emerging Communication Programs are designed to assist in the continued development of communication skills for students whose primary eligibility is Autism.

UNM Autism Spectrum Disorders Portal

En Español - Autism Society: El autismo es una incapacidad relativa al desarrollo mental que tipicamente aparece durante los tres primeros años de vida.

En Español - Autism Speaks

APNA - Asociación de Padres de Personas con Autismo


Sensory Friendly Hour

Join us for a special browsing hour for individuals on the autism spectrum and for anyone who appreciates a sensory friendly environment.

Please visit these pages for resources to enhance your visit.


Programs by Appointment

Sensory Storytime

Sensory Storytime 

This is a storytime for adults with special needs. Similar to children’s story times, sensory storytime incorporates adaptive story telling, interactive reading, crafts, social stories and more. The story times provide special needs adults access to multi-modal learning and opportunities to develop sensory processing skills needed in everyday life.


Sesame Street

Sesame Street Introduces Julia

For the first time in a decade, the classic children's television show Sesame Street is introducing a new Muppet.

Her name is Julia. She's a shy and winsome 4-year-old, with striking red hair and green eyes. Julia likes to paint and pick flowers. When Julia speaks, she often echoes what she's just heard her friends Abby and Elmo say. Julia has autism.

Learn about the new character and the autism resources put together by Sesame Street here.

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