Catalog Help

Basic Search

Searching Classic Catalog

The main search box for the Public Library has a dropdown menu to select descriptive fields of the library record that match user search terms. Keyword will search all fields in library records for your entered search terms.

standard search box

Use quotation marks around your keywords to search for the words as a phrase (example: "birthday cake"). Asterisks serve as wild cards within a word or at the end of a search string (environment*, results for environment, environments, environmental, environmentalist, etc) and a question mark can be substituted in the middle of a word for a variable letter (example: wom*n returns results for both woman and women). For more search tips see Classic Help.

To apply search limits from the regular search screen, choose from the dropdown menu the type of material or item location. Options include eBooks, eAudiobooks, eVideos, as well as Children's Collection and each library branch location.

Filtering Search

Use the Limit/Sort search option above the search filter to filter results based on predetermined criteria like library location, language, and publication dates. Note that this will not appear as an option if you are searching by Keyword.

In the Advanced Search module of Classic users may add greater limits to a search. Select options from the limits page and then return to search, where the limits will be in effect for searches made during the current session.

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